Apartment for sale in Bagcilar - Istanbul

With its central location found right in the middle of the European side in Istanbul, Bagcilar has started to the new face of the city with its highrise (property_type) for sale that consists of high profile social facilities and proper wide landscape, spreading intensely in Gunesli District as well as interior amenities of projects can be also utilized to support your business life. Due to being located close to Ataturk Airport where it was the main airport for Istanbul before Istanbul International Airport, the town is covered with luxury (property_type) for sale raised around the airport so that these projects were designed to host people who travel out of the country a lot. That’s why it was a very profitable town for foreign investors.

However, as you may think ‘’Then, what will happen to the investors that had already made an investment and future investors now?’’ The answer is quite simple that they all are going to stand up with a double profit when the whole process of Airport transformation to the enormous expo center and one of the greatest parks visited by thousands of people every day in the city will be completely done. Thanks to its regeneration studies, Bagcilar (property_type) for sale will gain a new atmosphere as equal as it was once upon a time.

Moreover, its perfect location still provides easy access to the new airport less than half an hour as you can reach all sides of the city in minutes. With this aspect, Bagcilar undoubtedly is one of the most preferable towns for foreign businessmen so that they don’t waste their time on the traffic a lot. The town, which is situated at the intersection of important highways, offers a strategical location to people who want to be near each direction of a 20-million populated city.

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