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Istanbul, the 13th largest economy in Europe and 8th the most visited country worldwide, is a center of attraction with a population of twenty million. What the religions are blended each other, including high historical value, having been a capital of one of the most powerful empire once upon a time, mosques and churches, hosting to the combination of numerous natural beauties within the peninsula such as lakes, the Bosphorus and coast ways lined with dense forests make the city suitable for a great number of travel plans from a cultural trip to the historical one as well as Istanbul has extremely good investment value and high profile living style. As a result of this, buying a Apartment in Istanbul is always in demand and keeps growing up its capital appreciation in the course of time.


Moreover, trade and economic volume of Istanbul corresponds half of Turkey’s economic presence, which is found in the world’s top twenty economies, so that the city is featured as the heart of trade and business life not only for local businessmen but also foreign investors from all over the world. That’s why Apartment from this superb city has significant investment value and will continue to be.


Underlying the city’s so much investment value lies the appeal to any lifestyle at the highest level. You can have a Bosphorous view Apartment in addition to a forest, lake and sea view Apartment as well. What’s more, it hosts many spacious properties from studio to multi-room Apartment for sale ranging cheap Apartment to the luxurious Apartment beside some places suitable for conservative life as well as comfortable and family-friendly living styles prevail in some of the other sub-cities at the same time. The fact that the city is so versatile offers unprecedented opportunities for the investor in the world. To find the best Apartment adorning your dream, Vartur, a long-established company, helps you find the most suitable property for you with its experienced team.


Together with future projects and innovative attempts such as the biggest airport in the world named Istanbul International Airport, Kanal Istanbul, numerous ports, renovation activities and more, it is hard to predict how many times the city is going to double its value in a good way. No matter where your Apartment is situated in the city, there is always a point that increases your Apartment prices due to what each region in Istanbul includes plenty of different investment models.

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1+1 Residence With Social Facilities
  • 1+1 Residence With Social Facilities
  • 1 Bedroom1 Bathroom55 sq.m
  • This luxury residence is located on the 6th floor. It has security, a communal swimming pool, fitness, meeting room, children's playground, and indoor car parking.
  • ₺ 600,000 Jun 12, 2021
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