Property for Sale in Gocek

The town is one of the first places that comes to our mind when said ‘’blue journey’’. This little and charming town is found in Mugla which is a paradise for tourism and a warm climate for living. Gocek that is found at Fethiye Bay is the mixture of blue and green and seems like a ‘’hidden paradise’’. So that the town is located at a different position in the hearth of visitors with its charming local people, the peaceful natural universe and clear water. It also has a unique value due to having been called ‘’Daidala’’ in the Lycians who lived in Gocek, in the past. You can do windsurfing and diving besides enjoyable summer vacation and live permanently. On the other hand, if you are curious about history, you can take an amazing journey in this settlement that its history is based on hundreds of years ago.

It also offers you the unique experience to do the blue journey and it has many advantages. You can enjoy visiting peaceful bays by renting a boat or attending any group along the Gocek Bay. It will also be an enjoyable moment to take on a journey to untouched beauties such as Yassicalar, Yagane, Tersane which are seen as ‘’hidden paradise’’ in the line of Gocek. Thanks to the indentation shaped of rocks, the sea keeps its clearance and promises unbelievable beauty with the mixture of both forests and pure waters. The most preferred tour named ‘’blue journey’’ means the trip of 12 islands in a day.
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