Property for sale in Yakakoy

With its central location where Yakakoy is situated right in the middle of Bodrum Peninsula, the district is found at the same distance as all well-known districts of Bodrum which means a great point to reach anywhere in Bodrum in minutes. The region is not within walking distance of the beach due to its location but provides you to taste each side of Bodrum in 10 minutes.

Moreover, as almost every villa in Bodrum, Yakakoy properties are constructed with a private swimming pool, outdoor parking area, and garden options so that one of your parts always be with blue! To see beautiful Yakakoy villas for sale, you can check our portfolio and learn more information by contacting us directly from the written number on the website!

Apartments and Villas for Sale in Bodrum Yakakoy

Villas, villas, villas... Depending on the texture of Bodrum, Yakakoy consists of private villa blocks with benefits such as a swimming pool, garden, parking area, and smart home systems. Fully equipped Yakakoy houses are shinning with their bargain prices and bigger sizes rather than the other regions so that it turns into an adorable place for big families.
Besides, Yakakoy is just an unlocked settlement as Bodrum’s reputation gets bigger and bigger. That’s why the region is seen as a good future investment while offering a delightful summer to you and your beloved ones! Don’t forget to contact us if you ask for more Bodrum and Yakakoy info in detail.
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