Property for sale in Konacik

Property for Sale in Konacik

Konacik, located right next to Bodrum and about 5 km away from the city center, is one of the rare areas of Bodrum that do not have a beach. Since the center of Bodrum and its surroundings were declared as a protected area, the settlement receded to the inner parts. 


Although Konacik is less known than other towns of Bodrum, it is developing rapidly due to its location on the main road connecting Bodrum to other settlements in the west. Konacik is far from tourism; so, it is one of the vital points of the Bodrum economy with its business centers, stores, and offices that provide direct or indirect logistic support to various sectors. In parallel with this increase in business potential, Konacik is the most important center of Bodrum that receives continuous immigration.


Apartments and Villas for Sale in Konacik

Konacik is a town that is mostly valued for business purposes since it does not have a coastline. Construction continues in the town, which is not a protected area. The traditional white houses of Bodrum have been replaced by modern construction in Konacik.


A property in Konacik will provide you an easy link to reach other parts of Bodrum. The properties here also offer luxury design, family living, and a panoramic view. Since the area is far from the sea, the property prices are ideal for low-price seekers. 


The Texture of Konacik

Konacik is located at the highest settlement towards the middle of the half-island. Within its borders are Pedasa, the ancient remains of the Lelegian culture on the peninsula. You can reach the ruins on foot from Gökçeler village on Konacık. The history of Konacik dates back to the 7th century BC. Now there are walking paths in the area covered with pine trees where the city of the old city is located. The residents do trekking in this area and have the chance to see not only the historical traces of thousands of years ago but also the panoramic view of Bodrum from Torba to Aspat Mountain. 


Nature in Konacik

Konacik, located in the inner parts of Bodrum, is the only town on the Bodrum peninsula that does not have a coast. The region is rich in herbs such as wildflowers, thyme, and lavender. After a steep climb and trekking activity, a great panoramic view resides, which will make the viewer feel serene. 


Transportation in Konacik 

Bodrum can be reached by car and plane from almost every point of Turkey. Since Bodrum-Milas Airport is an international airport, it is very active throughout the year, which increases the number of flights, especially in summer. You can reach the town center by shuttle vehicles and buses departing from Bodrum Airport. It takes about 45 minutes from the airport to the center. Also, once you arrive in the city center of Bodrum, you can reach every corner of the city by minibuses. 

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