Property for Sale in Gumusluk

Property for Sale in Gumusluk

Gumusluk is a seaside village and fishing port in Bodrum, Mugla Province, southwestern Turkey. Like other areas around Mugla, Gumusluk is situated on the remains of the ancient city. Located on the far western side of Bodrum Peninsula, the area is

This is a special area, the hillsides around the Gumusluk bay area are protected against future developments, which means unlike many other holiday destinations, it has not been overexposed. The island has building fragments scattered around dating back to antiquity and offers a panoramic view of Gumusluk cove and beach. Also, there is more to Gumusluk than the small area near Rabbit Island, the actual village stretches further inland.

Apartments and Villas for Sale in Gumusluk

Gumusluk is offering the most beautiful options for panoramic villas, modern and well-designed apartments, and designer holiday houses. Since the area is promising a reserved and peaceful lifestyle for those who are interested in dreamy, serene, and fresh settlements far away from the dynamism of Bodrum.

If you are interested in running away from the mass tourism around Bodrum, and looking for untouched coastal beauty, this small seaside town is ideal for you. Full of quiet, raw beauty, and Aegean’s laidback lifestyle, Gumusluk is the best to invest.

The Texture of Gumusluk

For many visitors, Gumusluk is the most special spot of Bodrum which is welcoming its guests with beautiful windmills, lovely Greek houses in the old Karakaya village, Koyunbaba Islands, unmatched views, and Gumusluk Rabbit Island reaching out through King Road with unique nature.

In Gumusluk, there is a must-see island; Rabbit Island must be visited for the little lovely rabbit friends and unique sunset. Walking is a completely different experience here through the water to reach the island on knee level.

Nature in Gumusluk

It won’t be wrong to say that Gumusluk is a corner of paradise in the Bodrum peninsula. What you will find here is sea serenity, the intimacy of people, tons of sunlight, and delicious meals. Gumusluk is living in harmony with the habitat, combining its history with great geography. This is a 3rd-degree natural protected area and proudly holding the blue flag.

In Gumusluk, you will meet the day with the sounds of birds, every season is an inspiration resource full of distinctive beauty. As a lovely fishing village, it is offering the most beautiful colors of Aegean culture as well as the best fish restaurants, hosts festivals, world-renowned concerts, exhibitions, and its natural harbor and the spectacular sea is an indispensable address of boats and yachts.

Transportation in Gumusluk

If you are coming by plane, you can take the shuttle from Milas airport to Bodrum Coach Station and from there you can take Gumusluk local buses. It takes approximately 60 minutes, or you can go to Gumusluk by taxi and it takes nearly 40 minutes.

If you are coming by bus, nearly all the bus companies have Turgutreis service. If you go to Turgutreis, you can take Gumusluk local buses, which are called dolmush in Turkish, and arrive at Gumusluk in 25-30 minutes.

There are minibusses from Bodrum to Gumusluk, from Gumusluk to Bodrum every 15-20 minutes, for 24 hours during summer. Minibusses are also coming from Turgutreis to Gumusluk, from Gumusluk to Turgutreis every 15-20 minutes, for 24 hours during summer.

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