Property for Sale in Bogazici

Property for Sale in Bogazici

Bogazici is located within the borders of the Milas district of Mugla. It is located on the western side of the city, a 10-minute distance to Milas Airport, 97 km for Mugla city center, and 28 km to Milas district.

Being home to the resort of Lakeside Garden which is the base for bird watchers who descend on the area to see greater flamingos flock to the protected Lake Tuzla during the winter months, Bogazici is full of ruins of an ancient city, including a Roman temple which can be seen scattered around the locality.

Moreover, the coastal area is lined with cozy and lovely restaurants, cafes, and hotels as well as souvenir shops. In this sense, Bogazici is ideal for pure nature lovers, historical enthusiasts, and serenity seekers.

Apartments and Villas for Sale in Bogazici

Bogazici is laying through the coastal settlement areas and properties for sale draws attention with alternative options. With its beautiful seaside line, restaurants, shops and resting spots, properties in Bogazici diversify into brand new triplex villas close to the beach including a private swimming pool and sea view apartment with balcony. In general, apartments is offering walk-to-sea opportunities and daily life is peaceful, serene, and full of sunlight.

The Texture of Bogazici

Shining at the center of nature, Bogazici is home to beautiful waves through the warm waters, low-rise flora, and clear blue sky. Considering this area as a touristic place is not wrong, yet it is a bit far away from the chaos of top-touristic places. Although visited by both local and foreign tourists for nearly the year-round, Bogazici is still keeping its reserved and cozy texture.

Nature in Bogazici

Since nearly all the spots of Mugla is promising unmatched scenery, nature, and peace, Bogazici is not an exception. The beaches along the area are welcoming many tourists from all over the world each year, and they are featured with natural beauties. For many visitors, Bogazici is an attractive place where you can observe a great sunset.

Transportation in Bogazici

If you are flying Mugla, then it will take almost 10 minutes to reach Bogazici from the airport. You can use public transportation or prefer the private car to arrive Bogazici. If you arrive at Mugla city center, then it is 97 km, meaning almost 1-hour drive time.

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