3 bedroom detached villa for sale in Tekirova - Antalya

£ 250,000
  • 33250 m
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Detached Real Estate for Sale in Çıralı LOCATION: For Sale Garden House, Antalya-Kemer 3 + 1 250 m2 Detached House in Çıralı, Seamless ır Antalya There is a zoning for conservation purposes and 1253,25 M2. It is between the road of Çıralı Beach and Yanartaş and the bird flight to the beach is 500 M. Forest and roadside. BUILDINGS: Main Building: Basis and 1 m. There's a flood. 1st floor: mulch briquette brick, 3 m. height, thick walled masonry. 1 + 1 64 er M2 with 2 adjacent apartments. Living / living room with American kitchen. Bathrooms are 6 m2. Windows oak-patterned Aegean-Pen Duedonic, double-sided, heat-glass, mosquito nets. Total 2.5 m X 10 m = 25 M2 Terrace in front of both. In the middle, the portable wood can be divided by the fixed fixture. 2 separate stairs to the terrace. Electricity and water are independent. 2nd floor: Two separate outlets. One is also a modern and wide fire ladder. 31 M2 L living room with kitchen, 3 M2 WC, 14 M2 bedroom and 6 M2 WC. 25 M2 front and 13 M2 back terrace. 13 M2 thermal glass in the intersection of the terraces, pleasure and tea room / corner. The ceilings are imported pine paneling, doors and windows and kitchen cabinets are imported pine. White Pimapen with sliding glazing with viewing corner, with Fiskos unit in the hall. The walls of this floor are Ytong. Roofing, profile and braided, insulation is very good. It's a mariage. The ventilation of the roof is very good. The capacity of all buildings is 17 persons. Bungalow: In the lower corner of the garden, there is a bungalow with 35 m2 bathroom and a kitchen with a front porch. Available as guest or guard house. Garden Cuisine: Next to the main building, there is also a semi-outdoor garden kitchen with 21 m2, shower and WC. The top of this kitchen is the mansion for the night breeze. Storage: There is a 12 m2 warehouse in the other corner of the garden. Water: There is mains water for buildings. Water reservoirs are available for at least 2-3 days, even if water and electricity are cut off. Hot water units are new type with glass pipe. There is also potable well water for agricultural irrigation purposes. Electricity and lighting. The building has both industrial electricity for residential purposes and electricity subscription for agricultural irrigation. The garden is illuminated. Garden and forestation: Garden width is 25 M and depth is 50 M. It has automatic illumination. In front of the garden and around the fence andız and cypress trees were planted. In the interior, there are various citrus trees, including summer and winter orange, lemon, banana, grape, pomegranate, maltese plum and avocado. No organic chemicals are used in the garden and completely organic products are obtained. Çıralı 1. Çıralı 1. The south-west of Çıralı coast is the entrance of the ancient city of Olympos. 2. The entire Çıralı coast has a large sandy beach of 3200 m. Caretta-Caretta is the best protected spawning area of ​​the Kaplumpagas.
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Internal Area Size
250 m
Land Size
1250 m
Property Reference
Jun 06, 2019
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