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Pharmacy Service in Turkey

Pharmacy Service in Turkey


Turkey is a developed country in terms of healthcare services. Some regulations were implemented to provide the same services for foreign nationals in Turkey where the country is featured with experienced doctors, health staff teams, easy access to healthcare services, and treatment methods blended with technology. 


To benefit from public hospitals, university hospitals and private hospitals, It’s required to participate in either private health insurance or general health insurance. Thanks to these insurance packs, you don’t need to make any payment for healthcare services or it takes small amounts for treatment. 


The same insurance methods contain pharmacy services because private and general health insurances include plenty of medicines. Referring to the issue, the insurance owner is not liable to make any payment for a lot of medicines at all. Otherwise, foreigners should pay for medicines on their own without considering their nationalities. It causes an unsustainable situation, which is to pay all medicines from their pockets all the time. That’s why it’s not recommended by Vartur Real Estate. 

Pharmacy Service in Turkey

How Do Pharmacies Work in Turkey?  


Unlike Europe and America, medicine can be purchased only from pharmacies. Pharmacy services modified by private regulations are quite effective and common. ‘’A pharmacy per 3500 people’’ can be seen as the main reason for it. That’s why finding a pharmacy in each settlement will be guaranteed throughout the country. 


The warrant of opening a pharmacy only belongs to people who are graduated from the faculty of pharmacy. In parallel with it, you communicate with well- informed people directly when you visit the pharmacy. 


In What Cases Does Insurance Fulfill/Not Fulfill Your Medicine? 


Insured people don’t need to pay a fee to benefit from pharmacy service.However, some medicines are not involved in the insurance range. For these types of medicines, payment should be made without looking insured or not.


On the other hand, nonprescription medicines such as painkillers and antipyretics are not included in the insurance range as well. However, these medicines don’t cost much and are reachable in every sense. 


Working Hours of Pharmacy in Turkey


Depending on weekend and weekdays, Turkey pharmacy system runs as;


Weekdays: 08.30 – 19.00 

Saturday: 09.30 – 19.00


Apart from these duration periods, people who want to benefit from pharmacy service should find night-pharmacy so that you need to check out night- pharmacies from the internet at that time you are searching for.