Turkey’s Largest Library Opened

Feb 25, 2020

The Presidential Library, which has inspirations from Seljuk, Ottoman and contemporary architecture, was opened with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
The construction of the library started in 2016, has a closed area of 125 thousand square meters and can serve 5 thousand people at the same time. The library contains 4 million printed, over 120 million electronic publications, and 550 thousand ebooks and rare works.

In addition to printed resources, electronic resources subscriptions are also started, and books in 134 different languages, 120 million articles and reports from 100 different countries are on the shelves with a length of 201 kilometers.

Without the qualification of "Being the largest library of Turkey" is expected to be among the world’s leading libraries in terms of both its services and collections of Presidential Library.
Turkey’s largest library, which opened its doors and shelves in the Presidential Complex,  was the meeting point for book lovers from day one.

Millet Library opened on 20th February and started to influx of visitors from the first day. The library, which was visited by approximately 6 thousand people on the first day after its opening, gained the appreciation of book lovers.
Memberships to the library are made through e-state. Foreign nationals can also benefit from library services with "temporary entrance cards" that they will receive in return for their passports.
Tea, coffee, water and cake are provided to guests of the library.

Children are not forgotten
Library consists of Nasreddin Hodja Children’s Library for users aged 5-10, Youth Library and Audio and Video Library for users aged 10-15, Rare Works Library, Research Library, Seljuk Museum and Exhibition Hall, Anatolian Hall, Divan Hall, conference halls for 500 people, technology classes, vocational training classes, special group study and movie watching areas, dining halls, seminar rooms, masjid, staff working areas and resting areas.
Nasreddin Hodja Children’s Library serves children between the ages of 5-10 with its collection of 25 thousand books.

Quran weighing at 65 kilos
The first dictionary of the Turkish language and a world atlas, Divanu Lugati’t-Turk, Syriac prayer and sermon book, the Torah and the Bible’s copies prepared in different languages and cultures are exhibited in the library.
In the exhibition, there are also two Quran, whose dimensions draw attention. Due to the martyrdom of Sultan Murad I, the Sancak Mushafi which is read by the help of the lens and Quran with a weight of 65 kilos is stated in exhibition and has been sent by the Sultan of Mamluk Berkuk.
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