Pakistan and Turkey: Dual Citizenship Agreement

Feb 21, 2020

Turkey and Pakistan, is considering an agreement that would make it easier to provide dual citizenship to citizens of both countries.

In the agreement, Pakistani Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmad Sah and Ambassador of Turkey Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul came to an agreement at the meeting. Sah replied Yurdakul’s draft law suggestion as "taken into account and we hope to reach a common conclusion soon’’. The development of the bilateral relations and the improvement of equipment and training operations for law enforcement, especially in military cooperation, were also mentioned.

Citizens of both Pakistan and Turkey, are able to obtain dual citizenship and passports of each other’s country, it will emerge the largest bilateral movements in the history of both nations and will contribute significantly to the strong relationship. Last year in May, Pakistan, adding Turkey to the list of visa-free travel countries, has made efforts in tourism and trade between the two.
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