EU Visa Exemption to Turkey

Mar 09, 2020
President Erdogan goes to Brussels for refugees: 4 steps from the EU
President Erdogan will be in Brussels today to address both refugees and visa exemption issues with EU Council President Michel and EU Commission President Leyen. Turkey is waiting for visa exemption from the EU, the Customs Union to be updated, burden-sharing, the city to be established in the north of Syria in 4 steps.
Opening doors to refugees in Turkey, the European Union (EU) and implemented the agreement made on 18 March 2016 and also brought back on the agenda. To reconcile Turkey gets virtually suspended as of February 28, the EU finally acted.
Following the opening of Turkey’s border crossings, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, talked both on the phone and face to face with many EU leaders and EU officials as well.
EU leaders asked Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, who has a good relationship with Erdogan, mediate with President Erdogan. 1 day after Borisov’s visit to Ankara on Monday, President of the EU Council Charles Michel arrived in Turkey. Erdogan gave Michel a clear message to Turkey’s attitude and stressed that the EU must take a step. After the agreement with Russia on Idlib, the EU was given the message that the new refugee policy will not be changed. Thereupon, fast contact traffic processed and a new summit decision was made.
Visa Exemption
It is stated on the EU front that a commission will be approved for updating the Customs Union agreement, and there is a consensus on the establishment of a certain time for their work. Additional 1 billion euros suggested on 6 billion euros, this figure may increase, but the presence of a new system for the EU’s commitments to remedy the problems in the transfer of money also emphasized that Turkey’s expectation. It is noted that, under the leadership of Germany, the EU will give full support and a message will emerge from the summit in this regard. Under the refugee agreement signed on March 18, 2016, visa exemption added to the agenda and said: "in 2016 in favor of Turkey provided that it met all the criteria for the end of June, visa facilitation and visa exemption matters to be considered". EU requests 72 demands from Turkey on this issue, of which 66 were resolved. Turkey has to commend all the six demands solve while there are only "Anti-Terror Law" points concern. On today’s summit, a ‘’ more flexible’’ model can be accepted as the counter-terrorism issue of Turkey by the EU.
Erdogan will also remind the EU of the circular letter published on September 18, 2019, in order to meet six criteria quickly. It is noted that France and Austria have a strong attitude in this regard, but have raised their objections on diplomacy and visa exemption.
Visa-free Europe September 1, 2020, for Turkey
It is stated that the EU will bring to the agenda if these criteria are met at the summit, and the date of “visa-free Europe” maybe 1 September 2020 or it may be withdrawn to 1 June 2020 according to the commitments.
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