Striking Seafront Bosphorus House In Precious Historical Region Baltalimani

3.000.000 $
3.000.000 $
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Why buy this property

*Excellent location 

*Fully renovated 

*Elite neighborhood 

*Unmatched Bosphorus view

*Special dock 




Baltalimani is one of Istanbul's most popular and most precious districts. Baltalimani is famous for its waterfront and roadside mansions along the route from Bebek to Sariyer. Baltalimani is a beautiful district where the large and impressive summer houses and hunting lodges were established during the Ottoman Empire and the guests from abroad were hosted in these houses during the tulip period in April. The area is close to Emirgan and Rumelia Fortress. Mostly populated by high-class residents and elite people, Baltalimani is one of the most decent neighborhoods of the Bosphorus line. 


About the Property 

This beautiful mansion is one of the iconic buildings in the urban history of Istanbul. Previously owned by a family, the mansion was used as a single house until early 60's. Now, it is a 6-storey building with the street level entrance at the fourth floor. This apartment is at the fifth floor. You would only need to go up one floor and you are at your wonderful home. There is also an elevator in case you would like to go up from the dock to your home.

The building had been undertaken a major renovation in 2020. Now it consists of 1 main living room, 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 restroom, an area to be used as laundry or storage, a kitchen, and 2 indoor balconies.  This is a very well-lit place. The stylish living room with the beautiful Bosphorus view is facing northeast and is exposed to a very soft, indirect morning sunshine starting with sunrise. Perfect for enjoying your morning cup of coffee... The rooms on the road side are facing southwest and they also let you enjoy indirect light during sunset.

This excellent apartment with the unmatched Bosphorus view has just the right kitchen with the right size: it is not too small, yet not too big. Just exactly as it is expected to be. The kitchen opens to the dining area with a sliding door. This enables you to join your guests' conversation around the table while you are preparing for them in the kitchen.

There is one private bathroom and one restroom for your guests, both recently renewed. The restroom is mainly decorated with earthy color tones while the main bathroom is in white and anthracite mostly. The huge mirror will also make your daily routines easier for you.

There are several built-in closets all around the apartment that will make you store your belongings easily. The big mirror in the dining area is there to amplify the amount of light coming in but also to distribute the astonishing Bosphorus view throughout the living area.



5 mins away from Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge 

9 mins away from Levent 

10 mins away from Maslak 

12 mins away from the 15th Martyrs’ Bridge 

20 mins away from Taksim 

30 mins away from Istanbul New Airport 

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