Luxury Apartments With Shopping Street in Basaksehir

41.000 $
41.000 $
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Why buy this property
*High Investment Value
*Limitless Social Facilities
*Close to TEM Highway
*Has its own Shopping Boulevard
*Suitable for Big Families
*Luxury Residential Life

About Bahcesehir Park
Bahcesehirpark includes a movie theater that will take you to different worlds with the unique experience it offers, a supermarket that offers thousands of quality products, cafes and restaurants that offer food and beverages from Anatolian and international cuisines, entertainment centers and various stores. It is an unparalleled project with its green and dynamic environment of around 100 acres. The central building contains 100 stores that cover an area of 30,000 m2 and comes together with Park Street that has a capacity to function as a city center with its culture-art galleries, banks, fast food and top-notch restaurants and general shopping centers. Together they reflect the high standards of Bahcesehir and make up a unique residence project for many distinguished families at the center of this vast city park.
Here, everything is designed to offer opportunities for a modern life. To summarize the contributions of this project to daily life: Everyone can find something they enjoy.
A center in the heart of Bahcesehir that blends the concept of street shopping with the comfort of a shopping mall on the shore of Istanbul. All the stores around an open square are designed to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience. Shopping areas, cultural and art activities, banks, fast food, and high-quality food courts and general shopping areas of Bahcesehirpark combine with the Park Street functioning as the city center and reflect the high-level standards of Bahcesehir.
Bahcesehirpark, which consist of three blocks two of which are high-rise buildings while the other one is a low-rise building blends the aesthetics and ease of use with meticulously chosen materials with apartments mostly having 4 rooms and t1 living room, reinterprets the elegance with its apartment options suitable for different needs and lifestyles. 147 elegant building units fully equipped with, floor halls, fitness room, multi-purpose spaces, floor gardens, baby’s rooms.
The project has a fully equipped fitness room in the heart of a 400-acre green area not to let the weather stop you from fitness rituals in cold and rainy weather conditions.
The concept of an elegant shopping mall is combined with the concept of street shopping. A center of attraction that brings together stores, cafes, recreation areas. 147 privileged spaces in lush vegetation…

Social Facilities
*Acitivity Area
*Walking&Cycling Road
*Sports Club 
*Shopping Center
*Fitness Center 
*Culture&Art Galleries
*Wide Green Landscape
Technology at Bahcesehir Park
*Smart home systems
*Central satellite system
*Sound and Thermal Insulation
Security at Bahcesehir Park
*Earthquake and fire security at international standards
*24/7 security service
*24 hours closed-circuit security cameras
*Intercom System
*Site Management
2 Min to Pharmacy
4 Min to Bahcesehir Medical Centre
8 Min to Istinye Hospital
10 Min to Akbati Shopping Mall
6 Min to Aqua Dolphin
6 Min to Bahcesehir College
10 Min to Ispartakule Mosque
10 Min to E8 Highway
Delivery Time : July 2020 
ID: #8642

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