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Welcome to the ‘’heart of transportation’’ in İstanbul. Before pointing the amenities of transportation in Zeytinburnu. Let’s glance at how life is running in this beautiful place.

Life in Zeytinburnu
The life in Zeytinburnu is based on many things like people’s rush because it is in the route of both sides in the European Peninsula. Beside it, new macro-buildings have been built day by day and the town maintains its growth in this way. A lot of things play a role in development like having great buildings and posh amenities in it. Hosting the Hippodrome of Veliefendi will be a great example of it. You can lively watch the horse race, make your child experience riding a horse under the conversant person and also have a picnic area surrounded by a green place and fresh air. It may be counted as unique for that reason. So close to the hippodrome, there is a shopping mall spreading over an excessive area including worldwide brands as cafes, hookah places, eatery points, cinema with the opportunity of the balcony and also found enormous park area. You can also find the most common dress brands and probably won’t understand how the time will pass in this great building. Some branches of the profession are gathered at certain points of Zeytinburnu so you can easily reach these points and be able to design some stuff to your taste. Additionally, the town has a long sea coast. You can go on a walk near the sea and taste the fresh air along the coast. Big and small parks are common throughout the location, especially the extensive park equipped with tracks, sports courses, tennis courts and a very large green area is found near the West side of Hippodrome. A person living in this town feels the soul of İstanbul at all. Education is well-organized as well. Many educational public institutions are found in it. The town hosts also one of the best-known places named Panorama 1453 Historical Museum, described to the conquest of İstanbul. The place is fully covered with paintings of siege in detail and the voice of combat. You can experience the spirit of İstanbul besides feeling it in this multiple town.

Transportation in Zeytinburnu
Zeytinburnu is the most accessible location for both sides of İstanbul. Almost every metro directions, bus, train, Metrobus and Marmaray passes into. That’s why at different points in Zeytinburnu, these multiple ways of transportation intersect so that you can choose the way of going. It is truly up to your man of what. If you generally prefer to use the metro, Zeytinburnu Metro station will be your address, also the station for Metrobus, train and bus, to travel. You can reach every point in one vehicle mostly, even for the Asian side from the station of Kazlıçeşme, Marmaray, which is the transportation vehicle linking with Europe and Asia from below the sea with a tube. It includes also a train station, the same place near the metro station so that you can use this way by traveling historical places of the European side, oldtown, found architectural buildings from Byzantium and Ottoman Empire, museums including religious, historical pieces. Welcome to the heart of transportation again.

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