Property for sale in Sarıyer

Istanbul property for sale in Sariyer 

Sariyer is a location where all requirements of investors and buyers are met in the European side. The place has a vibrant spirit all the day. Thanks to being close to the business centers and historical peninsula as well as lined with long coast to Bosphorus and stunning forest, the district of Istanbul makes you feel as if you are living a suburb life in the heart of the city. Besides being found in a perfect location, it is possible to see multiplicity at real estate that you can find a mansion, luxury residence and villas spreading over Sarıyer district. By surfing on our list, you can see a detailed information about the real estate, full description of what includes, the proximity to important points such as the closest hospitals, schools, shopping malls and of course, the part of featured advantages about why you should to buy it. 


Apartments and Villas for Sale in Sarıyer 

Real estate market of Sariyer is one of the most sought after markets in Istanbul, Turkey. Numerous types of off-plan and recently constructed luxury residence that includes swimming pools, spa, sauna, sports courts, parking areas, 7/24 security, landscaped gardens, top quality decoration and design, from studio apartments to 4+1 bedrooms, from penthouses on the top of the luxury residence to holiday homes in the center of the city create opportunity to get a profitable capital appreciation for both rental and sales income in short and long period of time. 


Nature in Sariyer

It is one of the most spacious places, including a huge green area and its long border along sea sides. The town brings green together with tons of blue providing some amenities. You can drink your beverage while being the pleasure of hanging near the Bosphorus view. Also, you can get an experience being into the Forest of Belgrad, founding barbecue points throughout the jungle. Belgrad Forest also offers you parking points. Then you can have a nice meal! The other breath-taking place near Belgrad is Atatürk Arboretum, which found over hundreds of thousands types of trees in different sizes in it.

Not permitted to lay down or barbecue because there is a museum of nature, including a lake in the middle of the forest. Seeing all kinds of trees, learning the name of them from the footnote written below, walking along the lake... provided by the place. If you go a little beyond the place, you will see the most beautiful sea and beaches to swim in the side of Black Sea. Those beaches located in Kilyos are hosting activities and parties staged by worldwide and Turkish celebrities all day long in the summer months.   


Life in Sariyer

The town is covered with business places, located mostly in Maslak where enormous huge buildings, wide streets and highly affluent customer focused cafes and restaurants are found. Especially at this point of Sarıyer is a lively place with its rush in a day and its joyful nights. It has spacious streets, lined with high profile places such as cafes, pubs, eatery points. The opportunities are not limited to it, you can also find one of the best spa, massage and Turkish bath services in Istanbul. Due to having high quality, the quality brings the best. The place also has two adjacent buildings presenting performing arts. While Volkswagen Arena is a place hosting for different tastes of concerts, Uniq İstanbul is a combination of shopping mall and the stage that is performing theaters, plays, stand-ups by celebrated Turkish artists. You can access to the location with the metro station of İTÜ-Ayazağa.


Istinye, located in another part of Sariyer, Istanbul also brings all services to you. It is famous for its shopping mall named Istinye Park, which has open areas to drink and eat something. Parking is available and equipped with all entertainment places to your wishes. One of the most worldwide eatery places is in here which known as Nusr-Et. Salt Bae can serve you while you are spending a great time with your family and friends. It is very easy to access this location by bus. Such a elite living offers you near the sea side.


The town is also a preferred place for celebrities, generally located in Zekeriyaköy, round with detached and semi-detached villas for sale with a private swimming pools, because they know a thing well that Sarıyer is a place where you can find all in one.


Another fascinating location with its well-organized and luxury life is around Vadi Istanbul. This location shines with high profile residence properties for sale, lined with mega shopping mall including all sorts of shops, food courts, children events, numerous well known cafes not only inside of the building but also shopping avenue found most top brands worldwide near the amazing view of Belgrad Forest. You can fuifill with the fresh air while you enjoy shopping.


However, the most common property in Sariyer that comes from the past is mansion style villas found Tarabya, Yeniköy and Emirgan. Those waterfront villas are seen the most luxurious real estates all over the country. Within separated to two types such as new and old, the history of old mansions is based on late Ottoman era. In those times, mansions hosted to high end generals, the children of sultans, experienced people in their fields such as medicine, officer and positive sciences. Nowadays, the mansions host the most top businessman who are taking a great share at the economy in the country. By getting a mansion for sale in Istanbul, you can also obtain a prestige in the city. These towns are also lined with proper and authentic fish restaurants, cafes and eatery points along the Bosphorus. 


Transportation in Sarıyer

You can easily reach the town by bus and metro. Due to spreading on an extensive area, Sarıyer includes four metro stations named İTÜ- Ayazağa, Atatürk Oto Sanayi, Darüşşafaka and Hacıosman. You can reach in every way. If you have a dream about having a boat, the town also has a place for well-designed and renovated marines to park your future boat.

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