Welcome to Kartal, one of the most important places in the Asian realm. Despite being close to the eastern border of the city, the town is rising with its glorious amenities. Let’s see how life goes on in the place.

Life in Kartal
Life is a mixture of happy faces on people and the green beauty as much as beautiful sea view along with the town. Calm, peaceful life turns around people thanks to its nature and proper, well-organized settlement. You may meet with the green beauty in Aydos Forest, City Park and reaching the top of the Aydos Hill to see the fascinating city and nature view under your feet.  If you go down to the hill to walk near the sea, you will sneeze the fresh coming from the seaside and also amazed at the view of Islands! Princess’ Islands are the most popular islands in the city and one of the most visited places for local people and tourists. The town remains its popularity due to its proximity to the islands. This is not only the advantage of the town in the tourism but also the location is so close to Sile and Agva, hosted summerhouses and hotels for high profile people not wanting to go much far away for vacations and holidays. Another tourism advantage shows itself in Yakacık, lined with villas along with the
seaside, with luxury cafes, a place where is popular as summerhouses of old famous people once upon a time. Besides, ‘’Culture and Art Festival’’ is held, staged cultural seminars, symposiums, sports activities and especially competitions for children in summer times. Here, it is suitable for living in both winter and summer by all means.

Transportation in Kartal
Due to locating as an important settlement, the transportation of the town is supported by metro, Marmaray and bus links. Also having sea transportation links for islands as well.

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