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Kadikoy is the ancient Khalkedon settlement that hosted important meetings of the Christian world in the c.e 5th century. This historical texture makes the people of the region feel itself even today. Kadikoy, which is the most popular district of the Anatolian side, is developing rapidly especially in recent years. And not only with its wide streets, shopping opportunities and beautiful beaches; With its yacht clubs and marinas, it offers various beauties to many people today.
Kadikoy, one of the popular districts of the Anatolian Side; With its culture and art facilities, food and beverage range and culture, it has always enshrines in residents’ hearts. Kadikoy is an epicenter. Even if people are not from Kadikoy, they feel at home when they come to Kadikoy. Because Kadikoy is the local and romantic form of entertainment, youth and nostalgia. It has a different atmosphere with every street and every place. It took quite a long time to create this beautiful atmosphere.
A historical regeneration movement is carried out in Kadikoy, the district of Istanbul that has undergone the most extensive urban transformation. While all the problems brought about by distorted urbanization are eliminated, everything is planned from the beginning. With its planning and many opportunities that challenge all the chaos of Istanbul, Kadikoy becomes the favorite of those who want to start their new life.
Those who will buy a property in Kadikoy will experience the comfort of being on the Anatolian side and only 10 minutes from Europe and will be literally at the center of life. Investors will understand the most important advantage of being at the central point day by day. Because the region has become the fastest gaining region of the Anatolian Side. This means that your investment will multiply its value in a short time.
Kadikoy, which has a great advantage in transportation, which is one of the biggest problems of Istanbul, is very close to the metrobus line, which has become the key point of transportation. You can reach the European Side from Kadikoy by marmaray in 10 minutes. You will also be only 5 minutes away from the E-5 and D-100 highway. In short, you will get rid of the traffic of Istanbul. People will get rid of the stress of daily life while watching the unique view on the most relaxing sea sides of Istanbul; Moda-Kadikoy Seasides.
Transportation In Kadikoy
Kadikoy coast, stretching from the Moda coast, is one of the old Khalkedon ports. Sukru Saracoglu Stadium, which is also the stadium of Fenerbahce Sports Club, is also located in the district of Kadikoy. It is always an easy transportation area with buses, metrobus and ferry boats organized to various parts of Istanbul.
Marmaray, which is the deepest tunnel in Europe, has an underground tunnel length of 13.6 km and a tube tunnel length of 1.387 meters. Marmaray, which consists of 13.6 km length of routes, has 5 stations, 3 of which are underground. These stations are Ayrilik Cesmesi, Uskudar, Yenikapi, Sirkeci and Kazlicesme. Thanks to Marmaray, the transition between Asia and Europe (Uskudar-Sirkeci) takes only four minutes. Transportation between Gebze-Halkali takes 15 minutes, Bostanci-Bakirkoy 37 and Sogutlucesme-Yenikapi takes only 12 minutes.
There are a total of 16 stations on the Kadikoy Kartal metro line. The length of the Kartal Metro is 21 km and it can be reached from one end to the other within 32 minutes.
Nostalgic Tram Line
The length of the Kadikoy - Moda Tram Line, which came into service on November 1st, 2003, is 2.6 km and has a total of 10 stations. Kadikoy - Moda Tram Line, where 5 tram cars operate, starts from Kadikoy Square and reaches Bahariye Street via the bus route. The line reaching Moda by following Bahariye Street reaches Kadikoy Square again via Moda Street. In the system built with one-way management, Tatra GT6 model tram vehicles purchased from Jena, Germany are used. The enterprise is also referred to as Nostalgic Tram Line, as it uses the route of the old tram line numbered 20 and is operated by nostalgic vehicles. All stations of this line are located at the sidewalk level as at bus stops, there is no closed stop structure on the line.

Ferry Boats
For transportation to Besiktas, Kabatas and Eminonu, you can choose the ferries with your Istanbul card. You can also get there by ferry boats as well as motorboats and you can reach Adalar ferry boats from the piers and enjoy the pleasant sea view.

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