‘’If you want to get older as same as Eyüp Sultan, love İstanbul in the way he did’’. These legendary words might be overrated and may not be true but showing how much Eyup Sultan dedicates himself to this beautiful city. In his time, Istanbul is nothing more than the historical peninsula and the location, (the place takes his name after conquered) Eyup was a port at Golden Horn also counting as a ‘’Little Bosphorus ‘’. Here was the outside connection of Byzantine, surrounded by the Ottoman Empire. Let’s see how life is nowadays.

The town remains its divinity throughout the whole location, covered with tombs, belonging to religious people from Ottoman Era and mosques where its histories were based on hundred years ago. Eyup is also a part of the historical peninsula just like Eminönü, Sultanahmet and Fatih. You will feel the living of ancient times around you while drinking your beverage in the view of Pierre Loti, having the best Goldern Horn view and funicular across ‘’Haliç’’ along with the location. Right next to it, located the most important figure for the town: Eyup Sultan Mosque and its tomb. Here is a well-known location worldwide, people visit, pray and eat at the garden of Mosque during Ramadan. Displaying lovely cooperation in a holy month and others of course. 

Besides the religious atmosphere, nature is also a superior element in the town, hosted Aziz Pasha, Hirami Ahmet Pasha Parks and Göktürk Lake in the middle of spiritual beauty. Even parks’ names come from veteran figures in the Ottoman Era! 

Additionally, the town is on the way of the outbound route, including a mini-coach station and hosted the Energy Museum: Santral Istanbul, exhibited the transformation of electricity and energy in Istanbul.   

Close to Sarıyer border, Göktürk is located as a high profile settlement, lined with luxurious cafes, delicious eatery points, and its enormous nature. Here is also a preferred location for the proximity of Istanbul Airport.  

Suitable just for bus transportation for now but the new subway line, on the route of Istanbul Airport, will be open next year.              

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