Meet the town, covered with projects, designed properly near the green beauty.  Imagine a town, located between the two biggest lakes and also near the Marmara Sea, spreading between two Bosphorus. Here is a place where you may live in the mixture of both blue and green in a harmony.
Life runs peacefully all day long in this town. So, many people moved here, not wanting to live in the middle of the city where people rush during the day. However, even out of the center, also close to the important places about 30 minutes away. Besides being a well-organized town, parks, streets, lined with trees and its forests are found all around the place. Covered with many green places that give you a chance to witness a visual feast in autumn. It has been still constructed a gigantically vast park named Yeşil Vadi Botanik Parkı, which means ‘’Green Valley Botanique Park’’. Here is one of the greenest places in the city but not limited to it. It hosts not only the biggest port, Ambarlı Port, in the city but also Turkey. Also includes basic needs for the city such as fuel storage and delivery facilities, thermal power plant and common industrial areas throughout the town so that those making the place attractive for high-class employees in energy, sea trade, import, export and the most basic element: Fuel. The place is a productive town more than the consumer. Why is it not the first step to run your business here? Is it?        
For now, you can use Metrobus and bus for reaching the point but you may reach by Metrobus, passing through the important towns in the city.

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