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Beşiktaş is the apple of the eye and one of the leading towns of İstanbul either with its centrality or opportunities it gives to visitors. Almost every traveller knows and put Beşiktaş into their travel guide. This town features to being a location which every Turkish people prefer to live in there. Known as its neighborhood culture as well as the modernity of it. Beşiktaş is also the most favourite and dynamic location of the İstanbul. You can see the community culture and glittering view at the same time. There are informations below about Beşiktaş, bringing the limitless peace and fun together for its guests.

Where does the name of Beşiktaş come from?
According to rumor; Beşiktaş took its name from five rocks, erected by Barbaros Hayrettin Sea Admiral to the Beşiktaş Seaside. It can be said that this place was the hometown of the chief admirals in 1900’s. Beşiktaş became a district by separating from Beyoğlu in 1930. Now it contains locations in itself like; Aşiyan, Balmumcu, Bebek, Arnavutköy, Ortaköy which they’re fascinating and smelling the ravishing history of İstanbul.

You can’t imagine how easy it is to go anywhere from Beşiktaş. It’s a centre town and close to everywhere. Also a lot of options are existing for transfering like ferry boats to go to the Anatolian Side with dock and back on the European shore. Being close to Beşiktaş Seaside is one of the privileges provided by Beşiktaş among for the jolly Bosphorus Tours, on the other hand Beşiktaş has a lot of bus lines and metro lines for short and long trips around the town. Also you can consider the alternatives like tramway and funicular railway by walking to Kabataş or you can prefer the metrobus transport on Zincirlikuyu, located on the other side of the town.

Must Visit
Sometimes it’s too numerous to count the places you should visit in Beşiktaş. Let’s point the Must Visit’s on your map.

- Center of Beşiktaş: Everyone must see and shop from street markets, Fish Market, Grand Beşiktaş Bazaar and you can have a break at Third Level Coffee Companies, Popular Chocolate&Dessert cafes, lovely viewed cafes and pubs, Fine-dining restaurants with the view of gorgeous sea of marmara and the popular Street of Breakfast Restaurants. All kinds of food companies are easily found in Beşiktaş.

-Naval Museum: Naval Museum hosts the largest collection of naval artifacts in Turkey. Recently renovated, it gives you the opportunity to view the impressive imperial caiques of sultans, exhibits about naval battles, historic cannons, navigational instruments, ship models and unforgettable memories.  

-Dolmabahçe Palace: Dolmabahçe Palace is a reminding construction of who you are. The clock of it will impress you with its magnificence at every turn you look.

-Yıldız Park: Located between Çırağan Palace and Yıldız palace, this is the one of the most important oxygen yards of İstanbul. Every part of the park is covered with cats, crows, squirrels, ducks and a lot of kinds of forest creatures. Walking around Yıldız Park will turn you into times when you were a child. It’s a perfect point for watching the fascinating Istanbul Bosphorus. On the weekends, you have a chance to find yourself in the organic nature after the open buffet breakfast.

-Ortaköy: A gracious neo-baroque structure that decorates many postcards, souvenirs, magnets, Ortaköy Mosque hosts a lot of excellent examples of Islamic calligraphy. You get addicted to Ortaköy Baked Potato and Waffle while eating them on the street. 


The People

Like every part of İstanbul, Beşiktaş is also a multicultural town. People from other cities migrate permanently to İstanbul and most of them live in Beşiktaş just because in Beşiktaş, life is exciting and pulls you in it both in daily life and nightlife. The eyes of local people salute you intimately and give the feel of being in your comfort zone. They’re the rescuer of the hard moments for you with their philanthropy..


Where do you stay? 

It is too easy to find a place to stay at Beşiktaş, there are various options from a to z considering your financial situation. For example; Airbnb, local real estate agencies, hotels that suit your budget, boutique hotels, etc.

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