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Welcome to one of the most multicultural places in Bağcılar, Istanbul. You can get experience different cultures from inside and outside of Europe, basically the people of Mesopotamia. The town is known for its high density where it is the third-largest district in İstanbul and its population and has been still highly migrated to. Beside it, it is found in the middle of the European Peninsula that’s why it gains you easy access to all over sides of İstanbul without wasting too much time on the road. Time is important because area and its surroundings are crowded with workshops of craft, worked by middle class,  so that many alternatives of transportation are offered to.

Transportation in Bağcılar
Among towns of İstanbul, Bağcılar is one of the most accessible locations by its three metro stations to different routes, train and bus. You can travel to West side of İstanbul with Başakşehir route while traveling to Bakırköy and Fatih routes with the other two metro routes (these two routes are on the same direction by a certain point but then separated into two different lines so you need to transfer where you wish to. Additionally, last train station is located in Bağcılar so it passes many points from İstanbul including historical places in Fatih, Oldtown, Business areas and the Wharf of Kabataş where ferryboats landing off to the Princes’ Islands.   

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