Is Turkey has nuclear power?

How much Nuclear Weapons in Turkey?

Tension of nuclear between the US and North Korea discourages the possibility of war the world, it came to mind the presence of nuclear weapons in Turkey. Although there are no definite statements on this subject, the Turkish Grand National Assembly Presidency's Research Services conducted a study on this subject last month. Here are the number of nuclear weapons in Turkey and worldwide;

Nuclear weapons, known as the most terrible weapon owned by 9 countries in the world, threaten 7 billion people. It is a fact that nobody can deny the end of the world in a possible war between nuclear capacity countries.
Usage of those weapons would make a disaster in USA, Britain, France, Russia, China, North Korea, India, North Korea, and Pakistan, the only nuclear weapon Muslim country.

'The right to produce nuclear weapons' exists in five countries
Currently, there is a formation called "Treaty on the Prevention of the Spread of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)" to prevent the production of nuclear weapons. This agreement says that countries that had their first nuclear test before January 1, 1967, have the right to hold these weapons.
The nuclear missile testing countries before 1967 were the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) permanent countries, the United States (USA), Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and China.
Israel, India, and Pakistan have never signed this agreement. But North Korea withdrew from this agreement in 1985, in 2003. From this point of view, it is seen that the agreement made for the prevention of nuclear weapons is not much equivalent by the world countries.

Are there nuclear weapons in Turkey?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the framework of nuclear sharing program, the US nuclear weapons during the Cold War placed in some European countries, including Turkey. For some, we can remember this situation, which remains a 'legend', with an event known in 1962 and known as the 'Cuban Missile Crisis'. This crisis brought the two nuclear powers to the brink of war, the United States to Turkey, the USSR began with the placement of nuclear missiles in Cuba. Are there nuclear weapons in Turkey currently?
Previously various research organizations and based on information received from military resources deployed in the United States of nuclear weapons Incirlik Air Base in Turkey under the NATO umbrella and the number of nuclear weapons in Turkey from 50 to 90 it was stated that the B61-type atomic bomb. The most up-to-date and official research on the subject has been done last month by the TBMM Research Services Directorate. In the research report titled 'Data on Nuclear Weapons', it was stated that as of July 2017, there were around 15 thousand nuclear weapons in 107 fields in 14 countries.
It is stated in the report that the USA has nuclear weapons in 6 airbases in 5 countries. Belgium, Germany, Italy, the number of these nuclear weapons in the Netherlands and Turkey was reported to be 150. a definitive statement about the number of NATO within the scope of the US nuclear weapons in Turkey was not included in the report. However, according to survey results stated that in general at least 50 nuclear weapons in Turkey.

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