Why Don’t Muslim Eat Pork?

Islam makes believers free to eat some kinds of animals whereas It bans some of them. When we analyze the variety of legitimate and banning animals in the religion, animals that are harmful to human health are banned while eating free to helpful ones. The reason why pork is banned is the eating diet, its appearance, the digestive system and carrying some diseases such as trichina.    

 It is pointed out five times about pork in the Quran saying that;

 ‘’the God only forbids you to eat carrion, blood, pork, and sacrifice on behalf of someone else’’ (Bakara, 2/173; Nahl, 16/115)

 ‘’Mighty Muhammed! Says them I couldn’t find any provision among animals I’ve got. However, carrion or bloodshed or pork meat is dirty and eating animals which are sacrificed on behalf of someone else by diverging from the true path is an absolute ban.’’ (En’âm 6/145)    

 Pointing out the ugly appearance of pork in the verse below

 ‘’ What if the God curses whoever and reflects his wrath and making creatures from monkeys, porks and tagûta, those are at the worst place and the most pervert at their paths’’ (Mâide 6/60)

 Câbir b. Abdillah transfers the words of the prophet in the year of Mecca’s Conquest ordering;

  ‘’Undoubtedly, the God and his prophet forbid the trades of wine, carrion, pork, and relics.’’ (Buhârî, Buyu’, 112; Tecrîd-i Sarih Translation VI / 537, 538)

Eating pork is also banned in many religions. For instance, Jewish book named ‘’Old Testament’’ points out the same situation when mentioning banning animals in the Deuteronomy saying that;

 ‘’… and pork … because it has nails, but not ruminating.  Filthy things for you, you won’t eat those meats and not touching their carrions’’ (Old Testament, Deuteronomy, bab, 14/8)

 God orders to eat clean and good things and pray for that instead. Eating God accepts your prays and worships if you eat halal things. Haram causes of refused your wishes. God orders; 

‘’Humans! God is undoubtedly pure and accepts only pure ones. God undoubtedly orders humans to the thing that he orders to the prophets.’’ And also;

‘’Prophets! Eat true things, act right, I know what you’ve done’’ (Mu’minun, 23/51).

‘’All believers! Eat clean ones given you as sustenance’’ (Taha, 20/81)

Then the prophet mentions a man who in on a long journey, with blowzy head, in dirt and raise his hands preying as ‘’Mighty God, mighty God, mighty God’’:

‘’This man who eats haram, drinks haram, his dress is Haram.  How could it be accepted his prey?’’  (Muslim, Tirmizi, Ahmed b. Hanbel) Also says that;

‘’He forbids everything harmful for human.’’ (el-A’raf, 7/157)

 What Muslims don’t eat pork is actually based on these arguments. The holy book says what you can do or not in a certain frame. Out of debate. Being good believers needs to obey those rules ordered by God. On the other hand, medicine also accepts the side effects of eating pork.

Doctor Glen Shepherd briefly wrote an essay on the Washington Post on March 31 of 1952 about;

‘’Approximately %15 of people’s muscles, who live in Canada and the United States of America, there are trichina worms due to eating pork. Not seen as a disease, cure slowly, some die and some paralyze from left. All eat exceedingly pork. There is no cure and immunity to that disease. Any antibiotics, medicines, and vaccines can influence it. The only hope is to prevent it to make others infect… The signs of it are similar to more than fifty diseases. Salting meat and fumigation can not kill trichinas and slaughterhouse controls are also not enough to find meats with trichina.’’

 The essay might be old, maybe the cure is easier nowadays. However, the disease of ‘’trichina’’ still keeps its disastrous effects. On the other hand, porks eat everything, even their own feces, spreads a bad smell and its meat has a low quality in terms of chemical materials inside the protein.

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