Which bank is the best for foreigners in Turkey?

You need a bank account in Turkey but you are not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey? You can still open a bank account as a foreign national within the borders of the country.
If you often travel to Turkey or if you think a student or if you’re going to live and work in Turkey, it means the time has already come to open a bank account.
The Turkish banking system, which is affiliated with the foreigners, developed rapidly over the last decade Turkey has reached its adequacy to meet all needs and demands. Citizens of Turkey and foreigners living in Turkey are already working with private, public and Islamic banks of Turkey with a variety of services.
Various benefits are provided by Turkish banks to foreigners. These are just a few of them, such as making invoice payments, receiving money from abroad, such as pensions, or evaluating profitable savings rates that cannot be ignored. Average interest rates on foreign currency deposit the beginning of many deposit accounts 10% live without touching the capital in Turkey.
Yapi Kredi
It has an English retail banking section for foreigners on its websites. Yapi Kredi, Turkey's fourth-largest private bank with 908 branches.
It’s known as "the Turkish bank for foreigners" in Turkey. There is a separate “foreign banking” section on English websites, and its branches, which provide banking services for foreigners, offer one-to-one communication with English-Speaker representatives.
It’s one of the most popular banks among foreigners due to its status as an international bank. Due to international branch offices are not connected to each other, you can’t go to an office in Turkey to query your account in the UK. There is also an English website in addition to English-Speaker personnel at certain branches.
It’s especially popular with foreigners who want to deposit money in an interest saving account, as it offers one of the best rates in the market. It reinforces this popularity thanks to its English-speaker personnel in individual branches as well as an English website.
The overseas banking division of GarantiBBVA, another private bank, focuses on providing all its services in English, including internet, telephone banking, ATM and English-speaker personnel in all branches. GarantiBBVA is also a Western Union organization.
Akbank also has overseas banking branches. In addition to the standard services, there are some advantages such as tax consultancy services and a foreign traveler card issued to earn miles while traveling. Akbank is another bank associated with Western Union.
How Can Foreigners Open a Bank Account?
Banks will ask you to provide certain information and documents during the opening of the account. As a foreigner, you can easily open a bank account by collecting the information and documents requested by the banks and making the necessary preparations.
Documents and information to be requested during the opening of the account:
  • Passport
  • Residential address
  • Tax Number
  • Mobile Phone Number

What can you do with a bank account in Turkey?

With a bank account, you will receive from Turkish banks, you can freely access your money and you can avoid international expenses during your stay in Turkey.
If you're working at a company located in Turkey or if you have the future work plan, you can get your salary directly into your bank account.
After your account is opened, you can shop with the bank account card that will be sent to you. Likewise, you can use your debit card for internet shopping. You can also use your debit card for transactions such as depositing and withdrawing money from ATMs to your account.
Bank accounts in Turkey are giving more general interest to the funds. You can evaluate your savings with deposit interest. You will also be able to evaluate your savings by purchasing mutual funds from your bank.
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