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What Does the Five Star Airline Mean?

What Does the Five Star Airline Mean?

The most prestigious valuation system in the competition of airlines and airports among each other is English based Skytrax rating system and its awards.

According to its claim, it first evaluates the airports and airlines to the passengers’ satisfaction and experience.

They also list by analyzing in 800 different subjects such as the service from cabin to the airport, from service of food and beverage to operation in a terminal, from the comfort of the seat to plane-in entertainment system.

Airline companies, which are listed as five stars, are accepted as the best airlines in the world.

Recently, Lufthansa Airways has been attended in the group of five-star airways and became the first airline firm from Europe.

Within Lufthansa Airways, the number of five-star airlines listed up to ten candidates, including especially Middle eastern and far east.

The other candidates are;

All Nippon Airways (ANA)
Asiana Airlines
Cathay Pasific
Garuda Indonesia
Hainan Airlines
Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines

How Many Stars Do Turkish Companies Have?

If we have a look at the evaluation of Skytrax for Turkish companies, Turkish Airlines has been situated in four stars airlines for a long time. Recently, Atlas Global achieved great success by attending four stars airline group. The other Turkish companies whose names are Pegasus and Onur Air takes place two stars airlines category and offer low prices in traveling somewhere to the passengers.