%8 Rental Guaranteed Investment next to World’s Biggest Airport - Only $65.000 !!!

%8 Rental Guaranteed Investment next to World's Biggest Airport
%8 Rental Guaranteed Investment next to Worlds Biggest Airport - Only $65.000 purchase price is now available to invest in the most gaining value region in Istanbul by June 2020. The video introduces a high profile residence project rising under the name of Zenar Nearport. The project consists of 2 blocks and fully equipped with a smart home system 60 apartments including the indoor parking area, fitness center, security, and shopping avenue situated at the entrance floor of the project. According to the features of Zenar Nearport;

- 10 kilometers away to #istanbulairport
- 83 sqm two bedrooms apartment
- Separated kitchen with balcony       
- ₺3000 rental guarantee for three years

Check more details about the project:

However, why makes Istanbul International Airport affects places around it? Since Istanbul Airport is constructed in the area, the prices have grown up rapidly due to the geographical amenities of Istanbul and the hugeness of the airport are influential on this issue. First of all, the city is found at the intersection of three continents which provide to reach many important points in three continents less than 3-4 hours and without transferring. On the other hand, Istanbul enables layover location for a long journey anywhere in the world. Moreover, 200 million passengers capacity of world biggest airport in Istanbul creates a quite suitable environment that lets all airlines use here for a transferring point easily, even using as a main hub in the airport spreading over 76.5 million square meter land size. On this issue;

- 200.000 people are going to work at the airport when all phases are done
- It will be the main airport around the region
- It will contribute positively as %5 GDP in the total Turkish Economy
- Identified as the biggest airport in the world
- 130 destinations

That’s why investing such a place will undoubtedly gain great rental and sales incomes whether in the short or long term.

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