Innovative Architecture Smart Homes with Lovely Garden in Elite İstinye İstanbul

₺ 2,736,500
  • 1 Bathroom75 m
1 Bathroom
Square Feet
75 m
انواع ملک
An authentic Project on the crest of Bosphorus with its simplicity and adaptability to environment, taking the lifestyle culture integrated especially with the Bosphorus region of İstanbul as a reference, where qualified housing and architecture understanding, and modern lifestyle come together.

Why buy this property
*Award-wining Architecture
*Between Sea and Nature
*Close to Financial Centres
*Close to High Schools, Universities
*Close to Marina
*Low-Rise Buildings
*Unique Design Residential Complex
*Close to Transportation Links

About Qent İstinye
Qent İstinye is a very special project which can offer the green nature and sea together on the crests of the Bosporus in the heart of Istanbul as a location. Its proximity to İstinye Park and İstinye Marina which is newly being constructed, its location in the immediate vicinity of the settlement in the coast of Bosporus, its connection to TEM exit and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge as well as the Bosporus Bridge offer a unique location advantage to the project. Situated in the very close proximity of Maslak office area, IMKB and Enka Schools, Qent İstinye is easily accessible via metro, sea route and public transport.
Qent İstinye, individual closed parking lots-visitor parking lots, social spaces, closed and open swimming pools and sports center (gym, sauna, steam baths) on a land that offers a peaceful social life to its owners both in the city and nature.
Qent İstinye is a modern and rare housing project in Turkey respecting to the silhouette of the Bosporus, which is a candidate of the certificate of Leed for Homes. Specially designed with a unique housing understanding, Qent İstinye preserves the nature and ensures energy saving with its building structure respecting to nature, thinking about tomorrows, with low carbon release and high energy efficiency. In this spacious complex projected in low-rise three blocks in İstinye and a life intimate with nature in which you will be able to take maximum benefit from sunlight and landscape awaits you.
Qent İstinye has been projected by Tabanlıoğlu Architecture, the owner of many national and international awards, with an innovative architecture understanding. The buildings were planned to create a city panorama and form visual and physical harmony with each other.
In the project in which housing owners will be able to lead a joint life together and in harmony, there are both open and closed spaces thanks to the landscape embracing the three blocks. The unique approach in which the limits of life are stretched both inside and outside reflects on all spaces.
The smart home system, curtain/venetian blind control, in-house security control, control of all electrical systems on a touch panel, and lighting control ensure you to meet all your needs such as connection to/communication with the management.

Social Facilities
*Indoor&Outdoor Swimming Pool
*Fitness Centre
*Steam Room
*Game Room
*Open&Closed Common Social Areas
Technology at Qent İstinye
*Smart home systems
*Central satellite system
*Sound and Thermal Insulation
Security at Qent İstinye
*Earthquake and fire security at international standards
*24/7 security service
*24 hours closed-circuit security cameras
*Intercom System
*Site Management
6 min to Koc University
4 min to Emirgan
4 min to İstinye Seaside
4 min to İstinye Ferryboat
4 min to İstinye State Hospital
4 min to Sakip Sabanci Museum
4 min to Istanbul Technical University
10 min to FSM Bridge
12 min to TEM Highway
12 min to Bogazici University
5 min to ENKA Schools
5 min to Isik University
Ready To Move
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  • Near 15 July Bridge
  • Close to TEM Highway
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ویژگی‌های داخلی
  • آیفون تصویری
  • تهویه هوا
  • اتاق تعویض لباس
  • اتاق لاندری
  • سیستم گرمایش مرکزی
  • انباری
  • تاق خواب مستر
  • کولر
  • گاز و فر
  • عایق صدا
  • پارکت
  • کف لمیمنت
  • روشنایی قابل کنترل
  • رخت آویز
  • کابین دوش
ویژگی های بیرونی
ویژگی های بیرونی
  • ژنراتور
  • خروج اضطراری
  • مناسب برای معلولین
  • سیستم ورودی هوشمند
  • حمام و دستشویی جداگانه اتاق خواب اصلی
  • تانک ذخیره آب
  • اینترنت
  • مقاوم در برابر زلزله
  • سیستم هوشمند
  • دوربین های امنیتی
  • Fiber Optic Internet Network
ویژگی های پروژه
ویژگی‌های خانه
  • نگهبانی ۲۴ ساعته
  • سونا
  • در مجاورت حمل و نقل عمومی
  • فناوری خانه هوشمند
  • پارکینگ
  • سیستم خودکار تشخیص آتشسوزی
  • نزدیک به اماکن تاریخی
سایر امکانات
  • Title Deed Ready
  • Profitable Investment
  • Modern Interior Design
  • Modern Architecture
  • Suitable for Family
  • Center Location
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