6 bedroom villa for sale

$ 1,820,000
Emirgan is one of the most known neighborhoods of Bosphorus line in Sariyer district with its large parks and seaside cafes and restaurants.

Emirgan Grove, one of the first places that come to mind when Emirgan is mentioned, hosts the tulip festival held in April every year. This time of year, you must go to the woods and see that it is decorated with colorful flowers! The Yellow, Pink and White Pavilion, which is from the Ottoman period, is redecorated and serves as a café and restaurant. There are jogging paths, decorative pools, lots of green spaces and picnic tables in the park. Emirgan, where green and blue meet, makes its visitors happy every day and every hour of the week.

The Sakip Sabanci Museum, formerly known as Atli Kiosk, is also in Emirgan neighborhood. Side streets at Boyaciköy are full of good examples of late Ottoman and early Republic period Turkish architecture, such as Serifler pavillion. Old fountains and the monumental plane trees (known as Cinaralti in Turkish) are other important sites to see in the neighborhood where you can try the Turkish tea or coffee. It is located from Taksim (11 km - 7 mi) or Eminonu (12 km), and also a passenger ferry to get to Emirgan.

4 Floor
750 sqm Indoor Area
400 sqm Land
6 Bedroom
5 Bathroom
2 Living Room
2 Kitchen
Water Tank
انواع ملک
اتاق خواب
6 Bedrooms
Square Feet
750 m
4 Bathrooms
موقعیت مکانی
ایالت / منطقه / استان
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