Modern Göktürk Residences With Lovely Forest View in İstanbul

₺ 2,600,000
About Yalinevler Gokturk
Yalinevler Gokturk comprises of 146 residences and 10 commercial units on 6 blocks. The project includes 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 3,5+1 apartments ranging from 81 sqm to 250 sqm. Located on an area encompassed with large forested lands, Yalinevler Gokturk stands out with its state of art technological infrastructure and functional design.
The project reflects the well-thought features of contemporary architecture with its uniquely created exterior columns, transparent glasses receiving sun and oxygen inside, specially designed terraces, and gardens on various floors. Plus, the wooden façade shell of the project serves as the climate shield feature. These are the special ideas of architect Ahmet Alatas. The project is mainly focusing on the modern, upper class and young families who are interested in an environment-friendly and peaceful life within proximity to nature mother but also interested in modern technology and comfort.
The project maximizes the level of oxygen in your lungs with the encompassing forest with the help of its wall-free glass surface. The natural wooden shell, which enables to cover this surface when necessary and so uses the daylight, provides the privilege of receiving natural daylight and heat from the sun well enough.
Not only the architectural characteristics but also the social facilities and general structure add plus value to the project. The region has rocky solid and the exterior columns of the buildings are specially designed for safety, which makes the project resistant to earthquakes. Most importantly, the residents are within the walking distance to the nearest shopping centers and entertainment spots such as cafes and restaurants.
Social Facilities
*Indoor parking area for 2
*Children’s playground
*Sports area
*Outdoor swimming pool
*Landscaped area
*Fitness center
*Billiard room
*Steam room
Technology at Yalinevler Gokturk
*Built-in appliances
*Heat insulation
*Water tank
*Double glazing windows
Security at Yalinevler Gokturk
*24/7 security service
*Camera system
5 mins away from Florence Nightingale Medical Center
8 mins away from Basaksehir City Hospital
2 mins away from Gokturk pond Natural Park
2 mins away from Vialand Theme Park
2 mins away from Mesa Studio Mall
4 mins away from Arcadium Mall
7 mins away from Hisar Schools
4 mins away from American Culture Exclusive School
Ready To Move
انواع ملک
If you are interested in an environmentally friendly and healthy living style but do not want to stay away from the comfort and technology of modern life, then here is your dream house.

Why buy this property
*Family-friendly project
*Surrounded by forest
*Elite neighborhood
*Many social facilities
*Strong infrastructure
*Smart design

Square Feet
120 m
2 Bathrooms
موقعیت مکانی
ایالت / منطقه / استان
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  • Fiber Optic Internet Network
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  • مسیر دوچرخه سواری
سایر امکانات
  • Title Deed Ready
  • Profitable Investment
  • Modern Interior Design
  • Modern Architecture
  • Suitable for Family
  • Center Location
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