4 bedroom apartment for sale

₺ 3,300,000

 The project reached a visual linkage with the sea in almost the whole project, and it reinforced this linkage by considering a 3.5 meters ceiling height. The wellness centre positioned on which includes various activities at the most beautiful spot. The outdoor swimming pool designed as an endless pool. It consists of wide terraces and balconies which integrated with sea view; and also fireplace terrace and the zen garden to the core of the project. This project is made as a centre for coastal life by locating those gourmet restaurants and cafes on the ground floor. The project consists of 1+1 to 5+1 apartments and duplexes for your needs. As a part of the sea, you will enjoy the coastal life; if you were looking for a house with all kinds of social facilities and activities providing you 12 months of holiday life concept, here Marina 24; one of the most beautiful coastal settlements in Istanbul, is ready for all your demands. By being integrated with the public spaces, "Home lifestyle" has been transformed into creative common space with different life experiences.
Marina24 is aiming to make its homeowners live the deepest life feelings of coastal and seaside lifestyle. The interior of Marina24 has been developed with a modern functional aesthetic sense of design. Always stays modern with its architectural design that emphasizes environmental compatibility. Useful interior layouts were complemented by balconies and terraces that reinforce the sensation of spaciousness. The relevance between the width of a house and the volume of its spaciousness are considered. At Marina24, the volumes of spacious guest rooms, kitchens, and rooms were also enlarged. Here the horizontal comfort was reinforced by the vertical comfort; therefore the height of the ceiling designed to be at 3.50 meters. High wide windows were designed to bring in the sun and the sea, to add spacious and bright spaces to the lounges.

About Apartment Features
Mimaroba Cultural Center
Thematic Children's Playgrounds
Lawn Terrace & Pergolas
Tennis Court & Mini Football
Volleyball & Basketball Courts
Zen Garden
Entertainment and Healthy Living Spaces
Sand Activity Area
Slide Children's Swimming Pool
Infinity Pool
Pool Bar
Babalu Children's Activity Center
Perfumed Terrace (With Iodin Smell)
Marina 24 Gourmet Center & Bazaar
Terrace with fireplace
Water-Show ground
Mini Gym & Fitness
Sunbathing Terrace
Botanical Garden
Outdoor Chess
Pet Park
Acrobatic Skateboard & Skating Track
Viewing Platform
The Pier
Floating Steps
The Performance Square
13 Km Running & Bicycle Trails
The Pier & the Marina
Skateboard Tracks
Bicycle & Running Trails
Massage rooms
Steam rooms
Turkish Bath

Why buy this property
-Luxury and Modern Interior Design
-Suitable For Disabled
-The charm of living the holiday of all year seasons
-Peer view of the Gulf and the Bosphorus
-Central Location
-Perfect Investment
-A peaceful life at the shore of Istanbul
-Transportation Opportunities
-High Security
-Offering a lot of opportunity for your hobbies and free times
-Next to the Marmara Sea/Mimaroba Beach

15 min to E5 Highway
15 min to TEM Highway
15 min to Medicell Hospital
15 min to Kolan Hospital
10 min to Final College
10 min to Batikent College
5 min to Baris Manco Park
20 min to Guzelce Marina

Title Deed is Ready
Delivery Time: December 2020
انواع ملک
The project is evaluated and considered as the endless vast coastal and the pier as the strongest part of the project.

Square Feet
246 m
2 Bathrooms
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ایالت / منطقه / استان
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  • Modern Architecture
  • Suitable for Family
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