Welcome to the land that offers an ideal living space for people who are willing to isolated living style as close to the city center as it is far away from the city noise. Acarkent, where luxury life reaches the highest level in the city, consists of approximately 2300-acre land size including 2.291.280 square meter total size, which 926.983 of the settlement is covered with indoor areas beside environmental arrangement, landscape, roads, pedestrianized paths, outdoor recreational spaces, all sorts of electricity, water, natural gas and sewer infrastructure are well-prospered.

When Acarkent that is Turkey’s biggest singular parcel project begins completely functional, it becomes a modernized region with the capacity of 12.000 inhabitants living mostly in quadruplex villas in addition to a couple of ultra-luxury residences. It is assumed that the value of the area is going to be around 1 billion dollars once all phases of the construction are fully done.

On the other hand, the Acarkent villa project is found a unique position among the projects the same as Acarkent because it is featured with a %300-sales income, especially increasing value in the last three years. Locational advantage, convenient transportation, variety of local amenities, balanced spread of the population lie behind its certain success rather than the other Project raised around it. That’s why the settlement promises excessively high capital appreciation in addition to a prestigious life neighboring with a top-class community in Istanbul.


Apartments and Villas for Sale in Acarkent

The size of the settlement spreads on three valleys and hills, which is totally covered with basalt on the ground by 5000 meters under. With these aspects, Acarkent properties are geologically located on the most solid ground in terms of the effect of the earthquake so that the earthquake issue is not going to be a matter of people living here. Acarkent consists of 117 A type units, 764 B type units, 500 C type units, a total 1452 detached duplex, triplex, and quadruplex Bosphorus view villas with private garden and swimming pool for each residential unit.

In addition to high-end villa type living style, 80 Bosphorus view apartment, 830 studio apartments in 2 blocks of Acarkent Residence and two social and commercial facilities are found in Acarkent besides 73 studio apartments and 10 shops in the center of the settlement. Together with the other social and commercial facilities, Acarkent includes 2747 independent places in total.

The Texture of Acarkent


Acarkent, located in Saip Molla Private Forest Area, is as equal as a town with its 2.291.280- square meter land plot and totally far away from air pollution and squattering thanks to the forests around it. On the other hand, you can meet all your daily needs without leaving the settlement. From organic foods to stationery, souvenirs, pharmacy, electronic gadgets, jewelry and many more necessities are found on a large scale.

The opportunities of the site are countless by all means. Walking paths in nature, qualified educational institutions and coliseum sports center within the project, availability to the other sports activities, indoor and outdoor swimming pools play an important role on the decision phase and make Acarkent a living center more than a property.

Also, there are numerous shops from patisserie to dry cleaner, tailor, and hairdresser on your service. Swimming pools, SPA, aquapark, squash, and tennis courts are some of the examples you are going to have in Acarkent. You can sip your coffee in a comfortable venue, order a cake for your special day, walk on the jogging trails surrounded by nature, swimming and shopping throughout the day.

Life in Acarkent runs a prestigious way in the course of living well. You can either find the branches of banks, taxi rank, pharmacy, medical service, cafes, and various or on-site florist, tourism office and elite restaurants to taste world cuisine.


Nature in Acarkent


The settlement itself is a part of nature meaning that half of the Project is located in the forest. What’s more, a horizontal approach rather than highrise buildings mostly makes the area the combination of well-designed private gardens and villas so that it creates spacious and full of fresh air in Acarkent. Moreover, closeness to the forests spreading over North and East sides of Beykoz turns Acarkent into a unique living space not only within the Project but also as an exterior amenities in nature.

Transportation in Acarkent


Thanks to the developments in recent years, Acarkent is found an 8-minute distance to the 2nd Bridge while Levent in 12 minutes by Mesut Yılmaz Highway that has been recently constructed, Atasehir in 20 minutes. As you can reach Sabiha Gokcen Airport in nearly half an hour, the 3rd Bridge takes 10 minutes to arrive. Besides, it is possible to reach the seaside of Beykoz in 10 minutes and crossing to Istinye lasts 10 minutes from Cubuklu Pier at the same time. At the regular conditions, Acarkent is a convenient location to reach important towns found two sides of the city such as Uskudar, Kadikoy, Besiktas, and Mecidiyekoy in 25 minutes. As a transportation network, you can travel only by bus due to what people living in the region don’t need public transportation.

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