How to Get the Turkish Citizenship Step by Step

First Vlog of Şerif Nadi Varlı is about how is the legal procedure to get Turkish Citizenship. The video starts with a fascinating view of Istanbul and the office of Vartur Real Estate company which has owned by Şerif Nadi Varlı. After that Şerif Nadi Varlı explains a clear definition of what kinds of legal transactions are going to be and he identifies himself as how many years he has been doing this business, the status of the real estate market in Turkey and the journey how to get into the real estate market in Istanbul and his success. Then, Gizem Akgüloğlu who is the lawyer at ATG Law Firm, explains the procedure of the legal transactions with Şerif Nadi Varlı step by step at her office in Nişantaşı. They shed light on the questions of foreigners who want to get citizenship. According to steps that we need to follow before all procedures are done;

Step 1: Money Transaction

Step 2: Power of Attorney

Step 3: Necessary Documents

Step 4: Citizenship Application

Later on, we see the latest point of the process which is about applying to Turkish citizenship of people whom they already achieved to the procedure by that point. We see our customer Husam Atout and his family from the Kingdom of Jordan finishes all procedure and invited both Gizem and Serif to the lunch at Nusret Steakhouse. We all witness about their feelings – his wife and four children- in this part. 

In conclusion, final action takes place on getting their IDs and passports in hands of Şerif Nadi Varlı and he prepares to ship them to Husam’s address.
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