How Far is Turkey from UK Flight ?

Two countries, where one is located in the most western region while the other is from the most eastern part of Europe. Luckily to being one of the smallest continents in the world, the distance between these two lovely countries is not that much. Just 3.389 km away and air travel is only 2.106 miles. Even you wish to go to the closest place, the flight will last at least an hour.
Together with depending on which point of England you travel to, the flights take a few times, approximately 3-4 hours for non-stop flights. On the other hand. Not a big change from west and east of England meaning that flight from London to Turkey lasts about 3.30 hours while Glasgow flight takes nearly 4.45 to land off. Watch for some samples of non-stop flights from London to Turkey and from cities of England to Turkey.
To Istanbul   – 3.45 hours---------------------From London          - 3.40 hours
To Antalya    – 6.30 hours---------------------From Manchester   – 4.05 hours
To Izmir         – 6.45 hours--------------------From Birmingham  – 3.55 hours
To Antep       – 7 hours-------------------------From Edinburgh     – 4.20 hours
To Adana      – 7 hours-------------------------From Glasgow        – 4.50 hours
To Kayseri    – 7 hours                
These calculations are valid for non-stop flights. If you need to buy a ticket more than non-stop, the time gets nearly double for each stop meaning that coming to Turkey will last almost six hours besides lasting 7-8 hours for Glasgow. Also, the time rises to the next stops. No matter how many stops you need to do, a beautiful country that offers you everything, by all means, awaits you     
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