Do you need malaria tablets for Turkey?

Professor of Medical Microbiology, Harran University (HRU) Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Fadile Yıldız Zeyrek points out that important studies have recently been done saying ‘’There is no local malaria case thanks to performing a great challenge against malaria in recent years’’
She also points out that the disease was a serious matter and infected 212 million people who had died 429 thousand people.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a child dies every two minutes by malaria in Africa. The speech of Zeyrek about the subject;
‘’Malaria was seen in 91 regions worldwide in 2016. Vivax Malaria, which is a less dangerous type in Turkey is seen in the Southeastern part of Turkey. Due to the good performance against the disease, local malaria was not seen anymore. So, we can say that no need to take tablets or etc. I live in Istanbul as a Turkish citizen and haven’t vaccinated for it before. Still alive as you see.
On the other hand, cases seen in Turkey are people who go on abroad for education, vacation, trade, business and then turn back to the country by being infected. Additionally, It is also seen foreign people traveling to Turkey to make a trade, migrate and refugees. The type of malaria seen in the foreign people is generally called ‘’falciparum malaria’’ and if a person doesn’t cure in time, it might cause death. It is a common type seen in tropical and subtropical areas.’’      
Anyone can be infected by the disease, especially people such as traveling to countries where malaria is common, seasonal employees, working at farms, soldiers, babies, children, and pregnant. Hopefully, you can travel here without doubting anything. 
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