Do I Need A Visa For Turkey?

Do I Need A Visa For Turkey
Although the country's national sovereignty is essential in international law, states impose a number of exemptions on the legal regimes of foreigners within the framework of international treaties. Since the legal regime to which foreigners are subject is directly related to the political and economic regime implemented in a country, the reflection of the economy and politics on the visa regime is also accepted as usual.
Visa policy imposed by Turkey in the international area varies by country. Although in recent years to implement the flexible visa policy has long been to countries in the region, Turkey has started to display a liberal approach to mutually lift visa requirements. The freedom of travel provides cultural, political, commercial and economic rapprochement with the countries in the region.
The visa policy between the European Union and Turkey contains complexity. Turkey requires a visa from some Schengen Countries such as Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, UK and Spain but also gives 90 days visa exemption period to Schengen Countries such as Germany, Italy and France. On the other hand, although Turkey is a Schengen Countries candidate but Schengen visas are required to Turkish citizens.
Pursuant to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, which came into force in 2014, the e-visa application has started, even though the visa application at the border gates has ended. Turkey visas are being issued electronically or through foreign missions.
Foreigners traveling to our country are required to obtain their e-Visa from the website or apply to our foreign representatives personally. Due to the delays in visa issuance procedures, it will be beneficial to make visa applications at least one month before the planned travel date.

Within being the power of national sovereignty at international law, some exemptions can be done in the frame of agreement, associated with mutual relationships.
           Visa issue of Turkey to other countries changes from country to country. Turkey has performed a flexible visa policy to the countries around it and shows a liberal approach recently by starting to abolish the visa issue reciprocatively so that free travel provides cultural, political, commercial intimacy among countries, which are close to each other.
           However, there is a complicated situation between Turkey and the European Union. While Schengen countries found European Union such as Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, England, and Spain need to apply for visas, other European Union countries such as Italy, France and Germany can travel to Turkey without having a visa in 90 days. On the other hand, Turkey is one of the candidates for the European Union but Turkish citizens still need to apply for Schengen.
           If Turkey wants to visa from the country where you come from, you need to apply for the visa.  Due to Foreigners and International Protection Law, - enacted in 2014 – e-visa application has started instead of the banderol system at the borders. If you don’t have at least 90 days of free travel right in Turkey, do not forget to get a visa before coming. Turkish visas are prepared electronically or given by a foreign representative.
Some countries, which are in need of visa before travelling to Turkey;
I.USA                                     VI.Bahreyn                XI.Indonesia                        
II.Afghanistan                     VII.Bangladesh         XII.Armenia                          
III.Australia                         VIII. Belgium             XIII.Philippines                         
IV.Austria                             IX.UAE                        XIV.Palestine            
V.Bahamas                           X.Algeria                    XV.South Africa                    
I.Croatia                                  VI.England                XI.Cuba
II.India                                  VII.Ireland                 XII.Libya
III.Netherlands                     VIII.Spain                  XIII.Malta     
IV.Hong Kong                       IX.Canada                  XIV.Mexico
V.Irak                                    X.North Korea           XV.Egypt       
I.Nigeria                                 VI.Somalia                 XI.Vietnam
II.Norway                              VII.Saudi Arabia       XII.Yemen
III.Pakistani                           VIII.Chili                    XIII.Cameron
IV.Poland                               IX.Taiwan                  XIV.Niger
V.Portugal                             X.Umman                  XV.Cambogia

What is the E-Visa?

The e-visa replaces the visas previously issued with "stamp" at the border gates. Applicants can obtain their visas electronically by entering the necessary information on the internet address and paying by credit card. After the application is successfully completed, e-Visas are sent to the e-mail address of the person.
Applicants are required to print out their e-Visa and show it to airlines and customs officials, and retain it until the end of their travel.
E-visa is for tourists or non-commercial purposes, it does not valid for except those journeys (work, student etc.) to be made. Such visa applications must be made through our foreign agencies.
The information is valid for tourism trips. If you come to Turkey for private purposes, study or work the visa should be proper for the purpose of our foreign missions.
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