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As Vartur Real Estate Agency, we want to answer your questions and provide our good quality of service. We adopted customer satisfaction as our principle. Thus, we intend to guide you in your new life and any issues you may encounter. In terms of our principles, we focused on your comfort. We bring our agency together with all our professionalism and knowledge together for your demands. 

Why should I buy property in Turkey?
You can find the most affordable prices for your budget conveniently and properties suitable for you, because in Turkey property prices are very low-priced rather than EU countries. As you can see in recent years Turkey hit the headlines worldwide with its nature, history, popular places to visit, bosphorus, seaside cities, investment opportunities, wonderful climate, cost of living, easy access with advanced technology, transportation innovations and the mouth-watering Turkish foods.

Why invest in property in Turkey?
Over the years, Turkey began to take more investment from foreigners and got applications for living here. Turkey is host to foreigners for many years and continues to provide citizenship by investment. Due to the fast-growing population of young, qualified workforce, the geographical and geopolitical position, Turkey is a leading country preferred by investors. The foreign direct investment law was published in the Official Gazette in Turkey on 17 June 2003. With this law the number of foreigners in Turkey and investments of enterprises increased and continues to increase. Turkey also provides special tax regulations, citizenship rights and other facilities to foreigners.

Who can buy property in Turkey?
Due to Article 35 of the 2644 Deed Law foreigners have the right to own their property in Turkey wıthout reciprocity. Most of foreign investors can buy their own property in Turkey.  

How to buy property in Turkey?

After you’ve done your research in detail, you will be in the decision stage of your dream city and town. Vartur Real Estate Agency will be leading you in consideration of your demands and wishes.
In the process of preparing legal paperwork our sales team will escort you and our agency can assign our lawyer to help you depending on your request who can go through all the relevant legal paperwork, the TAPU (title deeds) and Iskan (habitation license). In general a down payment will be required, which guaranteeing the area and the seller, but the pricing is typically from £1,000 to £2,000. You will be liable at making a payment of 10 to 30 per cent deposit and for this process requires a tax number and a bank account. As Vartur Real Estate Agency we have also extra services focused on customer satisfaction, we will support you every part of your buying process. We explained our services in detail on our website.


Expenses of buying property in Turkey?
In EU countries, foreigners pay high expenses in almost every single legal process but these expenses are surprisingly low in Turkey. Knowing the additional costs, tax, service and title deed fees that are legally structured will gain you speed and convenience. We listed some of them below.


-Appraisal Report Fee

-Title Deed (Tapu) Transfer Fees

- Passport translation at Notary

- Address document translation at Notary for opening a bank account

- Power of attorney (optional)

- Obtaining a tax number

- Cadastre Tax

-Real Estate Agent Fee

-Property Tax (Once a year, %0,2 - %0,4)

Citizenship by investment in Turkey

Upon the recent changes in the legislation, Turkey started to provide citizenship to the foreigners who invest in Turkey without a minimum residency requirement. According to 2018 official newspaper, the citizenship fee which was previously 1 million dollars has been reduced to 250.000 dollars.Foreigners have the right to buy a property from the place they wanted in Turkey providing that not in a military zone. The citizenship requirements for foreigners wishing to buy property in Turkey has been investing minimum 250,000 Dollars since 19.09.2018.  If foreigners invest 250,000 Dollars in a property in Turkey, they shall be a citizen of Turkey with their families in the shortest time. Buying a property in Turkey is a very profitable investment in terms of its rising sector of real estate and construction.


Residency permits in Turkey
Foreigners bought a property in Turkey, can obtain a residence permit without requirement for extension periodically. Their family also has the right of residence permit. With the residence permit, foreigners can find a job easily, it's easier for companies to obtain a work permit  and their children can receive education in Turkey.


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