Best Places to go in Turkey for families

You deserved a nice holiday with the family.  We know the difficulty of finding a suitable holiday destination and hotel for a comfortable holiday with your spouse and children.  We have chosen places for you to experience the comfort of being a family and spend a cheap and quality holiday. The best way to ease this fun holiday is; early reservation for hotels. Also beside staying at a hotel, camping is another option for you. Camping areas or bungalow accommodations (Also you should consider the ‘Tiny Houses’) in nature taking an important place among the preferences of families with their children. We have listed the ideal options for families with children who prefer an adventure-filled or holiday village concept for their trip, which can safely vacation of course. If you want to spend your holiday quietly away from the crowd, don’t make a plan without looking here.

Kaş / Antalya

There are a lot of  wonderful seafront camping areas and holiday villages in Kaş. In this area, you can set up your tent under centuries-old pine trees. If you wish, you can stay in bungalows and bring your caravan. There are pleasant places in the area for many activities you want to do. You can easily swim here, the mediterreanen sea is known as its clear water. You can play games like backgammon and drink refreshing things on the beach and read a book with a view of the sea. Also Antalya/Kaş has all the fine-dining and the most popular sea restaurants in the area.


Çeşme is one of the best places for a holiday with children, because in the summer, the sea water is warm enough to ensure that your child does not get cold. The fact that the coastline at Ilıca Beach is at a depth not exceeding 1 meter will also make your child play safely at sea. You can do a little research on google for the hotels that you can go to Ilica Beach. Due to the windy nature of Çeşme, you can have a holiday in Çiftlikköy to protect your child from the wind.  If your child is not good with the sea, you can take him/her to Aqua Toy City, which is filled with 4500 m2 playgrounds in Çeşme. In addition, most hotels in the region have a water park and activities where children can have a good time. They will not get bored while playing games with famous animated characters. There is also a nice amusement park where you can take your children in the evening.


Fethiye is one of the favorite places for families with children with its pure nature. The reason is that there are many places to visit in Fethiye and the places where children can have so much fun. For example, in the ‘Children's Paradise’ located in an area of ​​22.000 square meters in Fethiye, many entertainment opportunities are offered to children of all ages from 09:00 to 18:00.  In this facility, where you can find a children's theater with makeup rooms, baby beach, 8 pools, water slides, art workshops, playgrounds, sports facilities, your children are grouped according to their age. You can also find diving and sailing courses for your children in Fethiye.


You can spend a nice holiday with your child when you choose places away from noise and crowds in Bodrum. There are lots of clean and sandy beaches around Bitez where you can find suitable hotels for your family. You can do a lot of water activities with your child, sailing courses are one of them, and the entrance is also cheap. Akyarlar beach is a safe choice as a beach where the water depth does not exceed the knee level even if you go 25-30 meters from the beach. If you are planning a day to spend in water parks, we recommend Aquapark Dedeman Bodrum, it will be a nice experience for your child with children's pools and animators.


In most of the 5 star hotels in Kemer, where there are all kinds of opportunities for children such as water parks and playgrounds, children between the ages of 0-12 can vacation free of charge. Moreover, since most hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis, the prices are also affordable. If you want to spend a different holiday with children, it is the right address. Hotels with mini disco and mini cinema will also be fun for your child.


If you want to have a holiday and run away from city life and keep children away from computers and console games, introduce them to real nature, a beautiful choice in Bozcaada.  There are suitable places where you can fly a kite, play volleyball or football along the beach. You can also reach the small islands around with a boat tour. Fresh air will be good for them too. There are many green areas where you can have a picnic. In the region, you can also collect and feed fresh fruits from the trees in the orchards. You can teach your child types of animals and various herbs on the farms located here.


Most of the hotels in Antalya's tourism region Belek have a water park or have agreements with an aqua park. The most enjoyable activities for children are mini kids clubs where they will learn something new with different activities every day. You can take your child to Antalya Zoo in Belek. You will meet with the creatures that it is impossible to see in city life during this summer vacation (Like animal types). One of the best things about Belek is that the beaches are blue-flagged, while your child can be comfortable playing in the sea, in terms of cleanliness. If you want your child to learn water sports, you are definitely in the right place.
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