Bağdat Street Istanbul - Real Estate

There are tens of stores of Turkish and foreign brands on Bağdat
Avenue. Global equivalents of Bağdat Avenue include Bond Street (London),
Bahnhofstrasse (Zurich), Via Monte Napoleone (Milan), Montaigne (Paris) and
Strøget (Copenhagen). It is possible to see famous world brands on the 9-
kilometer avenue. You can enjoy window shopping while taking a peaceful
walk on the avenue. Zara, Vakko, Louis Vuitton and Boyner are just couple of
brands that you’ll see.
After walking for miles on beautiful and wide pavements, now you deserve a
fragrant coffee or a good meal. After shopping, you can drink a nice cup of
coffee at a lovely café. There are several new generation coffee houses in
the area. The area also has tea houses and coffee shops experimenting
different tastes. And food options are also abundant.
Here we can tell you hundreds of options. Even if we do not mention all of
them one by one, we cannot pass on Tavacı Recep Usta. It offers a great
feast with its unique meats you must try. If you take a look at the side streets,
you will see a lot of places to attract you. If you want to hang out with your
friends in the congregation or "I'm going to my corner to drink my coffee and
read some of my books and leave" it is possible that there is no place for your
taste and pleasure!
Apart from all these, you can head towards coast of Bağdat Avenue, lie down
on the grass where the colors green and blue meet, feel the sun to the fullest,
enjoy walks at the seaside and inhale fresh sea air...
It is also possible to see century-old mansions in the area. Before the 1960s,
the number of these mansions and old buildings was quite high. However,
with the increasing settlement after the 1960s, new buildings were
constructed in place of them. Nevertheless, Bağdat Avenue still appeals to
our eyes with existing buildings today...

We're betting, Istanbul has not seen such wide pavement. One of the details
that make Baghdad Street the most attractive is its sidewalks. Hundreds of
people, the most crowded, sunny Sunday on the street flocked to the street,
you can still walk there and enjoy the day without feeling disturbed.
Caddebostan Beach is one of the most beautiful landscapes, greenest and
bluest beaches of Istanbul. It is possible to see all kinds of people who ride
their bikes, read books quietly, listen to music with groups of friends, dance
and dance in harmony here.
After the breathtaking atmosphere of Caddebostan coast, let's look at the parks
of Baghdad Avenue. with wide open arms waiting for those who could not finish
the list without mentioning the Fenerbahce Park and Özgürlük Parkı and of
course Göztepe Parkı. As long as your path to Baghdad Avenue, you will not be
longing for green, trees, flowers, kittens and happiness.
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