Turkish Ice Cream

History of Maras Ice Cream

The history of Maras Ice Cream, leading local flavor of Maras, spreaded it's all of the glory to Turkey, is based on the Ottoman Turkey Era. From who and how this unique flavor was discovered has been a mystery for hundreds of years, and as such, numerous rumors have appeared in this regard.

Maras ice cream was discovered as an extension of a kind of iced dessert called 'Karsambaç' in palaces of the Ottoman era, according to the most known rumor. There is an craftsman in the region known as Marasli Osman Aga, who sells wild orchids (salep) to Ottoman palaces and noble mansions. One day, after the sale is over, buried the leftover salep into snow as a mixture of sugar and milk. The next day, he realized the change in the consistency of the saleb and it attracted his attention; When he saw that milk, salep and sugar mixture gained intense and was like gum, he was surprised and tasted. He admired the taste of the new dessert he found by chance and made many people taste it. The name of this new flavor that everyone likes very much is now jogging in the memories as 'Salepli Karsambaç', it has been developed further and has been renamed as Maraş ice cream over the years.


Anatolian Ice Cream: Karsambaç

Karsambaç is also possible to mention the cold dessert, an ancestor of ice cream, still made in some parts of Anatolia. Karsambaç was called ice porridge obtained by mixing freshly poured clean snow or grated ice in winter with tahini, molasses, cherry sorbet, orange syrup, wort or even yogurt. It changed its name according to the region and took names such as karma, karlamaç, karsamba, halvah, snowy icy, finder or kundel, and was eaten like ice in the warm room in winter. Similarly, "bici bici" was made from the mixture of ice, starch and sherbet brought from Toroslar in the summer months in the Adana and Mersin region.

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