Things To Do In Kadikoy

Kadikoy; It is one of the popular districts at the entrance of the Bosphorus on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, with its vibrant and colorful neighborhood life, bazaar, student population, culture and art events, nightlife, shopping centers, historical buildings, recreation and eating places along the seafront and ferry ports. Kadikoy is also an important junction of sea transportation in Istanbul.

Kadikoy is also famous for its Cheap Jack (Sali Pazari) and Bull Sculpture.

What are the districts of Kadikoy?

Districts of Kadikoy are; Bostanci, Caddebostan, Caferaga, Erenkoy, Fenerbahce, Feneryolu, Fikirtepe, Goztepe, Kosuyolu, Kozyatagi, Merdivenkoy, Ondokuz Mayis, Osmanaga, Rasimpasa, Sahrayicedit and Suadiye.

What things to do in Kadikoy?

Places to Visit in Kadikoy and its surroundings

Kadikoy Bazaar and Bahariye Street

The most important and popular area of Kadikoy is Kadikoy Bazaar and Bahariye Street. Kadikoy Bazaar area is also called Beyoglu of Anatolia. There are many shops in the Kadikoy bazaar, from greengrocers to fishermen, from spice shops to bakeries, restaurants and cafes.
Tellalzade Street, located in the Kadikoy Bazaar, is also popular with its antique shops and old book stores. When you go to Bahariye Street from Tellalzade Street, the other popular street Sanatcilar Street welcomes the visitors. There are also many shops where ceramic masters and sculptors both produce and sell the works they produce.
Bahariye Street, which is closed to vehicle traffic and one of the popular places of Kadikoy, is also called Istiklal Street of Anatolian Side. There is also a tramway. Bahariye Caddesi is always alive and crowded. There are many shopping, eating places and many historical buildings and churches. The most striking building on Bahariye Street is Sureyya Opera House.

Sureyya Opera House

Sureyya Opera House, designed by Sureyya Ilmen Pasha in 1927 and built as an opera, theater and ballroom, but used only as a cinema for many years, is one of the most remarkable historical places of Bahariye Street.

Selimiye Barracks ve Florence Nightingale Museum

Other remarkable structures and artifacts on the Haydarpasa side are; The two large buildings on the hills behind the commercial port facilities, the old Haydarpasa High School with clock tower and the other, the large and 4-tower Selimiye Barracks, built in the 19th century.


The seasides of Kadikoy are always crowded and are especially popular with young people. When you start from the pier in Kadikoy and walk along the coastal road, you reach the famous Moda beach after a few steps. Moda is a place of calm and beautiful seaside, and is also one of the most pleasant settlements in Istanbul. It is a very ideal and relaxing activity in Moda, where you can go upstairs and sit on the benches or tea gardens around to watch the sunset. You can also visit Baris Manco's house while coming to Moda.

Baris Manco’s House

In the past, when Kadikoy, Moda was mentioned, the late Baris Manco (1943-1999) came to mind. Baris Manco’s House in Moda was organized as a museum-house by Kadikoy Municipality in memory of the great artist.

Romantika Fenerbahce Park

Romantika Fenerbahce Park is frequented by Istanbul residents in the Fenerbahce district of Kadikoy, and is also among the popular Istanbul parks. It is one of the elite recreation areas with its closed and open neighborhoods. The park, which is adjacent to the Kalamis Marina, is located on an island and connects to Fenerbahce Cape with a bridge.

Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and is also one of the most popular streets in Istanbul. Bagdat Street, which has been selected as the 4th best shopping street in the world in the past years, draws attention with its fun life especially in luxury stores, cafes and restaurants.

Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum, which was founded by Sunay Akin on April 23, 2005, where the most popular examples of toy history has been on display since 1700, is located in a historical mansion in Goztepe. In the museum, toys bought from antiques and auctions in more than 40 countries are exhibited by Sunay Akin in 20 years.

Best Restaurants and Cafes in Kadikoy

Food and beverage facilities are very diverse in Kadikoy. You can find many high-quality tea gardens, cafes and restaurants on the coast of Kadikoy, Kadikoy Bazaar and Bahariye Street in the interior side, and on the coast of Moda next to it. Baylan Patisserie located on Muvakithane street, Ciya (kebab and home cooking) located on Gunesli Bahce street, Denizati Restaurant - Cafe on Kadikoy pier, Viktor Levi Wine House in Moda and Ali Usta Icecream Shop are among the popular eating and drinking places in Kadikoy.
Also you should try the Turkish Coffee venues on Serasker street in the Kadikoy bazaar. In addition to Taksim, Kadikoy is one of the most famous restaurants and markets in Istanbul for Vegans and Vegetarians.
Nightlife in Kadikoy

Nightlife in Kadikoy is also very colourful and is a favorite of the Anatolian side for Istanbul Residents. Kadife Street, where old wooden houses are located in Kadikoy, is also called Bar Street and it is one of the popular night and entertainment places of Kadikoy with Moda street in parallel. Here you can find numerous quality entertainment venues and live music bars.
The most popular among the popular cafes, pubs and bars are; Monks, Komodor, Dora King Gastro Pub and Zeplin Pub & Delicatessen on Moda Street, Arkaoda, Karga, İncir Pub, Hera, Zincir, Lal, Teachers Pub and Buddha Bar on Kadife Street.

Transportation to Kadikoy - How to Get to Kadikoy?

It is very easy to reach Kadikoy. IETT Municipality Buses run from many parts of Istanbul to Kadikoy. Also you can use the Metrobus Line.

It is possible to reach Kadikoy from Eminonu, Karakoy, and City Line Ferry Boat from Besiktas and Marmaray from Sirkeci to Uskudar, and Collective Taxis from Uskudar. You can reach Kadikoy with Collective Taxis from Taksim.

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