Things To Do In Cappadocia

Things To Do In Cappadocia Cappadocia is 5th on the Times 'World's New 25 Wonders' List Nowhere else in the world can you see fairy chimneys as intensely as anywhere else in Cappadocia. Cappadocia, which ranked 5th in the “New 25 Wonders of the World” list published in Times Newspaper, has also been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985. From the first day you come here, you will realize that Cappadocia, with its nature, history and legends, art, culture, sports, entertainment and romance together and is a completely different place that promises an unique world in itself. It has such a mystical feel that it is a unique geography where you can discover yourself besides many other things. Obviously, if the words are not enough to describe this extraordinary place, you should go and see it with your own eyes.

1)See Underground Cities
Faced with constant raids and looting, Cappadocians found the solution as digging a second village where they could take shelter under their village. It is known as Cappadocians because all the civilizations that came here from the Hittites (BC 1650-1200) to the Byzantines continued and developed their existence.There was an underground landing (like a basement) inside each house. Later, these underground villages were connected to each other and converted into local cities by tunnels. One of the most interesting aspects of these cities is that they have a very sophisticated city planning. There are ventilation, irrigation, heating, sewage systems, various public institutions from the mental hospital to the churches you can see.

2)Take a Full Moon Walk in Güllüdere Valley
If we say there is a walking tour in the magical valleys of Cappadocia in the light of full moon in the evening! Every month between April and October, Cappadocia Moonlight walking tours have been going on for the last 3 years in the night that corresponds to the full moon. The tour starts with a meeting and registration in front of the Royal Balloon in Göreme at 20:30. Then, the transfer bus passes to Güllüdere Valley, the main starting point of the tour. After a walk for about 1 hour, a break is given at the Crusader Church. Then, it is passed to the Colonel Church. Then you walk to the Red Valley (40 minutes). In our opinion, it is one of the most original Cappadocia experiences.

3)Join the Pottery Making Workshop in Avanos
Established on both sides of the Kızılırmak River, Avanos is the place where ceramic workshops are densely located. Pottery making, which continues from the Hittites to the present, is the most important cultural value of the region. While making pottery, from the mountains of Avanos and the stream beds of Kızılırmak, soft and oily clay soils are kneaded and turned into mud. Mud is formed on the bench, called the wheel. The bowls made in workshops are obtained by drying in the oven at 800-1200 degrees, dried in the sun and then in the shade and burned with straw and sawdust.

4)Photo Break at Galerie Ikman
Galerie Ikman, an ethnic carpet-rug gallery in Göreme. Taking pictures in this rug store is a popular activity worldwide. It is so popular that you have to make a reservation to take a photo. Still, it's a really fascinating place. Even if you will not take a photo, you should stop by to see its environment.

5)Take a Nature Walk in Pigeon Valley
Güvercinlik Valley is one of the most ideal places for trekking in Cappadocia because it already has a hiking trail and red-marked directions. By this way, you can do nature walks here by following these directions even without being dependent on any tour. The entrance of the track is on the road between Uçhisar and Göreme and takes about 4 kilometers / 2 hours.

6)Camp Against Kızılçukur Valley
Staying in authentic rock hotels in Cappadocia is also a great experience, but if we say that you start your day with the view of balloons rising to the sky when you open your eyes at sunrise, we think this will be effective enough to convince you to the camp? One of the most suitable camping spots to start the day with a wonderful view when you open the tent is Kaya Camping, which is located just above the elevation of the Göreme Open Air Museum, overlooking the Kızılçukur Valley, the region where the hot air balloons taking off.

7)Take a Gondola Tour in Kizilirmak
In Kızılırmak, you can go on a gondola or boat tour with the Cappadocia Jet Boat & Gondola company, which has offices next to the Asma Köprü. The gondola tour takes about 15 minutes. Tours start at 13:00 everyday except Sunday. You have to make a reservation before you go. It can take up to six people at a time, and up to 40 people on a boat.

8)ATV Safari, Göreme
Cappadocia valleys, trekking, hiking, flora walking, horse tour, atv safari, jeep safari, cycling tour, camping in the valleys will make you see the big picture of Cappadocia and make your holiday more meaningful. When you go to the same valleys in different ways, you will have other experiences.

9)Make a Balloon Tour
If it is suitable for your budget, definitely take a balloon tour in Cappadocia. In the balloon tour, you take off at least 100-150 balloons at the same time, everywhere you look is beautiful and of course you have the chance to see your wonderful photos and valleys from the top. When you decide to board the balloon, no matter which company you choose, you have to make a reservation before the day you will board it. After the pre-flight briefing, the balloons are prepared and you are getting into the baskets, your belts are fastened and you go to the flight. When you get off, something like champagne and snacks are offered. If you do not use alcohol, they also open alcohol-free champagne. After getting your participation certificates, they leave you to your hotel with vehicles.

10)See the Hair Museum Selected as One of the World's Weirdest Museums
This museum, which is ranked 6th in the category of the strangest museums in the world in the Guinness Book of Records, is definitely worth seeing. In the event of the museum located in the potters' bazaar, there are hair tufts left by more than 16,000 women. This is actually a section of the pottery shop of Chez Galip, the famous pottery master of Cappadocia. The difference of this museum from other museums is that it has a special story. When a French woman, who is beloved with Galip Bey, returns to his country, he cuts a pinch of his hair and hangs it on the wall, and those who come to visit the shop begin to leave their hair and it becomes a place with about 16 thousand hairs. As the day goes on, the visitors continue to cut their hair and leave it there. People who want to participate in the raffle, which is held twice a year, write their personal information on a piece of paper and hang it with the hair they cut. Among the celebrities who left their hair here, there are famous names from Muazzez Ersoy to Pınar Aylin, from Nurgül Yeşilçay to İpek Tuzcuoğlu.
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