The Most Dangerous 6 Creatures In Turkey

Turkey is located in the close area of Mesopotamia and Gobeklitepe so that life here has been based on thousands of years ago. Because of that reason, - like every civilized place worldwide- many wild and dangerous spices have been getting less and out of the settlements. Here, there is also not any jungle and you can not find any exotic animals such as crocodile, giraffe, elephant, lion and more. 

1- Acarine
First place on our list hosts a parasite: Acarine. Thanks to their form of the chin, these creatures live on the animal skins absorbing blood from them. Just like animals, humans are also a target sight. Actually, not quite affectable alone. However, might be highly dangerous due to carrying Crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever inside them. More than 3.000 people are falling ill because of this infection and causing the death of 250 people. When affected by this infection, you need to go to the closest hospital to get rid of it easily. Early diagnosis is enough to be healthy again and not an infectious illness from person to person, affecting only a person who is bitten by an acarine. Also seen in the green places out of the cities. 

2- Brown Bear
The other dangerous animal is the brown bear in Turkey. The only form, found in the country. The biggest form among the bears at the same time. They keep living far from humanity, in forests and mountainsides. Despite being seen rarely, they might be deadly when faced with and causing the death of course. Last few years, they have caused the death of 10 people in the country. 

3- Cow
You may get surprised by seeing this lovely animal on the list. However, these animals having a meek nature can sometimes be highly dangerous. They cause death by kicking, toasting and crushing. Even if we don’t have an official statistic, assumed that they cause approximately the death of 10 people in a year. 

4- Snake 
Turkey hosts 40 different snake spices and 10 of them are poisonous as much as causing death. The most dangerous among them is the viper. Despite not having a record about the death last years, ending up with many wounds and loss of organs.  

5- Scorpions  
Found 14 forms of scorpion in Turkey. Luckily, most of them are as poisonous as bees. However, scorpions, called ‘’Black’’ and ‘’Yellow’’ are one of the most dangerous scorpions for the country and the world. The natural habitats of these creatures are located in Southeastern Turkey. Reaching many cases every year and it is known that they cause wounds and death assumingly. 

6- Bees
Bees are not highly dangerous creatures much. They are even more dangerous for themselves. However, if you have an allergy to them, they become a disastrous element by its size and insisting instinct. 
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