Turkey and Pakistan’s 2023 target of trading volume is 5 billion $

Turkey and Pakistan cooperate in many areas besides defense and energy. They are ready to contribute to many infrastructure and energy projects, including renewable resources. Pakistan recently facilitated visa requirements for Turkish citizens. Yunus Emre Institute operating in Lahore is planned to open a center in Karachi. Many projects of TİKA are currently under construction. Cultural exchange between Turkey and Pakistan will deepen their relations. Turkey is determined to strengthen their relations with Pakistan in fraternity, both for Turkey and Pakistan’s common security and for economic and cultural development. Turkey-Pakistan relations will benefit both countries and both will contribute to international peace and security.

President Erdoğan Visits Pakistan 

President Erdogan will address the Pakistani Parliament for the fourth time.
Streets in Pakistan decorated with photos of President Erdogan. Strategic and economic cooperation will be discussed during Erdogan’s visit to Pakistan.
Prepared for the visit of Prime Minister Erdogan, the streets were decorated with Turkish flags and Erdogan posters. Kashmir topics are on the order of the visit
Turkish flags and photos of Erdoğan were decorated in streets of Pakistan, which was prepared for the visit of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In the capital Islamabad, posters depicting the friendship of the two countries were hung on Constitution Boulevard, where government buildings were located, in front of the hotel where Erdogan will be accommodated, and on the roads of the airport route.
Posters which President Erdogan and President of Pakistan Arif Alvi took place, are written in English and Turkish "Long Live Pakistan-Turkey Brotherhood" and "One Nation, Two Countries" statements.

Will Address To The Parliament

President Erdoğan went to Pakistan 9 times before. Addressing lawmakers and senators in the parliament in three of these visits, Erdogan was the foreign leader who made the most speech in the Pakistani parliament. Erdogan will address the Pakistani Parliament for the fourth time.

President Erdogan’s visit to Pakistan is on the radar of the country! “Welcome to Pakistan, the leader of the Islamic world”

President Erdoğan went to Pakistan for a series of visits. This visit had a wide impact in the Pakistani press. Daily Ittehad, one of the country’s high circulation newspapers, issued a special supplement to the visit. The newspaper used the words "Welcome to Pakistan, the leader of the Islamic world" in Turkish. The newspaper issued a special supplement for Erdogan’s visit to Pakistan. A large photograph of President Erdoğan was used on the first page of the newspaper. On the background of the photograph, the Blue Mosque and the Faisal Mosque, one of the symbols of Islamabad were included.

A Sincere And Benefactor Leader

President Erdoğan was praised in English and Urdu. Erdogan was said to be ‘’a sincere and benefactor leader". Emphasized that the visit has the importance of relations between Turkey and Pakistan. The Daily Ittihad ’s on the last page, was given the interview with the Turkey Minister of Education Foundation Chairman Dr. Birol Akgün. In the interview, the success of schools in Pakistan, which was cleansed from the terrorist organizations and transferred to the Education Foundation, and its positive effect on the development of the country was explained.

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