Is Turkey a good place to go on holiday?

Throughout history, Turkey has hosted many civilizations, one of the world's most glamorous countries with its natural and historical beauty. There are completely different treasures waiting to be discovered in every corner of the country. Depending on the climatic conditions of the place where they are located, vegetation and many other factors, the most suitable visit period for some natural beauties is in summer and in winter. With its mountains, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, fairy chimneys, it admires the visitors. Turkey's natural beauty by itself is enough to make your vacation here for a reason. In addition, becoming one of the most preferred countries is more affordable compared to other countries to vacation in Turkey. We have listed the most important reasons for you to do your holiday in Turkey.
You do not need to have huge budgets to have a pleasant holiday in Turkey. By spending half of the money you'll spend a vacation in any European country, you can make a tremendous holiday in Turkey. Everything is cheap in Turkey. Airline tickets, holiday tours, meals, souvenirs, clothing, cosmetics. In Turkey, you can get all your needs more cheaply from other countries. Turkey has 2 sides including an airport; European side and the Asian side. You won't imagine how cheap both the ticket prices and the duty-free prices are. We also recommend that you buy tickets from Istanbul Airport, which opened its doors, because professional and affordable services will make your holiday even more enjoyable at this airport, which will be considered as the largest airport in the world in a few years. Whether you can make a Cruise Tour or with the support of tourism agencies you can buy a resort tour, you can make reservations directly on or Airbnb app or directly reaching hotels by calling them. With a little search, you will see the affordable prices and quality of tourism in Turkey.
3 sides are surrounded by seas
The surrounding of Turkey by the Aegean sea, the Marmara Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, it allows the growth of seaside tourism. In addition, it offers opportunities such as fishing, various water sports and boating. With the surrounding of Turkey by the seas, you can breathe all the iodine smell inside and bury yourself in the sand on the beaches in the coastal towns of Turkey and return to your country refreshed.
Turkey is surrounded by seas of Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea as well. Of these 4 seas, only the Black Sea has cold waters. The remaining seas are considered warm waters. One of the important factors that attract the attention of tourists coming to our country is its warm waters. Turkey's 8333 km coastline of islands, including owned, 18.77's% of the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara 13.56's%, 29.64% are located in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean 19.94%. The length of the shore of the island belonging to Turkey is 1626 km and the coast is 18:08% of the total length.
The Sea of Marmara is an island sea that connects the Black Sea to the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Bosphorus to the Black Sea, connected by the Dardanelles to the Aegean Sea separates the Asian and European parts of Turkey and from each other. Its area is 11,350 km². To the Aegean sea, the rarely protruding shores that are rarely seen elsewhere; There are many other features such as having many bays, gulfs, strait and peninsula on these coasts. The salinity rate is 18 per thousand in the Black Sea, 25 per thousand in the Aegean and 36 per thousand in the Mediterranean. Turkey has the most potential to produce fisheries in the world because of its location. In this way, you can find any kind of seafood in the coastal city restaurants. Turkey's marine wealth through rocky, sandy, half-rocky, half-sandy in the sea and you can enjoy your vacation at the beach.
Turkish cuisine
Turkish cuisine is the national cuisine of Turkey. Turkish cuisine, which is the legacy of Ottoman culture, has influenced both Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisines. Also, Turkish cuisine differs according to regions. Many regions such as Black Sea cuisine, Southeast cuisine, Central Anatolian cuisine, Aegean cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine have their own rich food reservoir. Turkish cuisine has a very extensive menu with soups, meat dishes, vegetable dishes, seafood, appetizers, salads, desserts, pastries and drinks.
Islands with their legends, historical buildings, pureness and quietness, are spreaded to three regions of Turkey and have become indispensable for the tourists coming to Turkey for a boutique holiday.
Coastal Towns
Throwing the fatigue of the year in unique coastal towns of Turkey, definitely are the right choice when slowing down or speeding up your life. We encourage you to individually explore Turkey's dazzling seaside town with unique nature. Our coastal cities, which must be seen, provide unforgettable experiences to tourists with their food culture, entertainment venues and beaches.
Anatolia has hosted civilizations among wars and defeats for centuries. Anatolia, which hides a different history and a different civilization in every corner, continues to gain the admiration of many local and foreign tourists due to these historical works. Historical artifacts with traces of other civilizations in each corner await visitors sometimes on the top of a mountain, sometimes at the seasides.
Cruise Tours
Cruise ships have many accommodation, dining and entertainment options; have high service standards. Cruise ships operate on certain scheduled routes for touristic purposes. Imagine a floating hotel, every morning when you look out of your hotel window, you are in a different city in a different country. The ships that provide these features are called the Cruise Ship. With the cruise journey, you can travel between countries, even continents. Moreover, you take your hotel room with you. Thus, you do not need to change hotels with your luggages. Cruise ships are like a floating city. There are almost everything like bars, markets, hairdressers.
Citizens of many countries can travel 90 days without a visa
The citizens of many countries are exempt from visa when traveling to Turkey and have the freedom to travel between 30-90 days. However, this visa exemption varies from country to country. Citizens of countries that need a visa can easily apply for an e-visa on the web and obtain a visa quickly.
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