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Who we are?

1987 – Vartur Real Estate company established in Fethiye, Turkey as the first Real Estate company giving service for foreign buyers in Turkey.

2002 – established as the first real estate portal in Turkey. Giving service not only for Fethiye as well as all around Turkey’s foreign buyer’s interested areas.

2007 – Vartur Real Estate company celebrated it’s 20th year by selling more than 1000s of properties to their buyers from variety of countries in the world.

2010 – Vartur Real Estate company became well-known brand all around Turkey and decided to separate it’s foreign services and Fethiye office. So added brand name Century 21 for their Fethiye office.

2012 – Vartur Real Estate Company CEO Seref Varli became president of Real Estate association of Fethiye.

2014 – Vartur moved to its company own asset 600 mt.sq. headquarters office in Fethiye with its agents team of 20 people.

About us

Vartur Real Estate company is established by Seref Varli in Fethiye. First 10-15 years German buyer’s and European buyers were dominating the foreign real estate market in Turkey.

After 2002, English market is boomed to Turkey and 1000’s of English buyer’s started to purchase properties in Turkey. And internet became significant tool to find buyer’s for the overseas real estate. Vartur established first real estate portal which is giving service all around the Turkey.

2010 Russian buyers started to move Turkey, and purchase summer houses in southern part of Turkey. Vartur started to give Russian language services for Turkish market demanding people and started to join exhibitions in Moscow and St.Petersburg.

2012 Arabic speaking countries started to purchase properties in Turkey and Vartur started to give service to their İstanbul buyers with variety of projects in Istanbul.